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On the night of June 15th, 2016 I had a threshold experience initiating into the Sphere of Netzach via the methods of Trithemius. Exactly 777 days later I would complete my initiatory journey through the 7 Spheres.

I define magic as the technology by which humankind may step through the door of this world into the daimonic reality. What are the daimons? Like the Egyptians I prefer to call them Forces of Nature rather than gods or demons, and like the Egyptians I do not hold the daimons in too high of regard, because I am of them.

As a triple Capricorn I am extremely prejudiced against all forms of conceptualized knowledge pertaining to spiritual truths. Direct experience of the Other is the only way to step into a place of Gnosis. I am not here with a sermon, but with a practical Hermetica and with the proof of success.

Success is stepping into your True Will, as tired as that may sound. Unquestioning surety and the fulfillment of knowing; this is the path made clear by The Good Daimon. All my Work emanates outward from the place of love and gratitude for having finally found the place of authenticity, the place of satisfaction and fulfillment which crapulous creeds cannot supply.

They are all liars. May you find the voice of Truth within yourself, may you experience the Hermetic rebirth of Mind.

-Aaron David

Aaron David

Aaron David

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