About CTW

Once upon a time, while listening to Gordon White over on Rune Soup, I heard the phrase, "charm the water". I immediately knew what to do. CtW is a podcast and blog that seeks to take the form of the formless - to be as water, in constant flow and flux, both a strong and weak, active and passive, as so needed. 

My main objective is to get answers pertaining to an experience I had in a conjuration of Venus, via Rufus Opus' "Seven Spheres". The entire story of that is chronicled here, within posts and shows.  My secondary objective is to grow. To become. To be rather than to seem (that's my state's motto - NC).

To put it simply, I go where the Spirit leads in my journey. I hope that one day my seeking will be rewarded. If the people with blind faith get the reward, I'm going to be pissed.


Esse quam videri

 Aaron David

Aaron David

I'm a native of Asheville, North Carolina. A double Capricorn. I grow masterwort, drink tremendous amounts of caffeine, and talk to people about stuff.

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