Seer's Spirit Pot

Very peculiar things happen when you practice magic regularly. Especially with the implementation of herbal magic. 

One night I was sipping a copious amount of mugwort tea when struck by three visions. Two were of the dead, the latter of a devil. 

As I look back into my journal I see this happened on the Day of Venus as the Moon was in Pisces. The devil was bald and blue, with horns, and yellow eyes, shirtless, with chiseled body, sitting upon a stone throne. His chin was resting upon his fist, as if he were deep in contemplation. He was looking directly at me, either in deep thought, or impatience, or both. After the shock of the vision wore off the first thing that popped out of my mouth was how incredibly handsome that blue devil was. I kept saying that for the next few weeks - he was astoundingly handsome!

Now, as time went by I begin puttering around in Dr. Rudd's Goetia. I come to the seal and description of the spirit Seer:

"The Seventieth Spirit is Seer, he is a mighty Prince and powerful under Amaymon King of the East, he appeareth in the form of a beautiful man riding on a horse with wings, his office is to go and come and bring all things to pass on a sudden, and to carry and recarry any thing where you would have it from, for he can pass over the whole earth in the twinkling of an Eye. He giveth true Relation of all theft and treasures hid and many other things, he is indifferent good natured willing to do any thing the Exorcist desireth. He governeth 26 Legions of spirits."

For whatever reason, he grabbed my attention, and I went about making a spirit pot for him. I had not yet put 2 and 2 together. I used 777 to acquire herbal and mineral correspondences. He is of a Jupiterian nature (blue skin!), Piscean. His tarot card is The Moon.

I am most proud of the mangrove drift wood that shades the spirit pot. Within the center of the spirit pot lays a Tahitian black pearl. Many other things as well.

I wanted movement - quick, immediate. I got it.

The next morning from when I completed Seer's spirit pot and placed his seal within it, I was awakened by a man calling my name. Gently. A very eloquent strong male voice. And in the coming days after that Charm the Water was launched, and contacts began to be made.