Kedemel, Spirit of Venus

The Altar set up for a Conjuration of the spirits of Venus.

The Altar set up for a Conjuration of the spirits of Venus.


Last Friday a conjuration of Venus was done to consecrate two talismans made a week prior when Venus was dignified by triplicity and term. I had a nightmarish experience the night of the conjuration in my dreams, which I will refrain from detailing here, because... I don't understand it yet. Two nights after that however, I am still working with Venus on a 3rd project which will come to an end July, 26, 2016.  Two nights now I have noted Kedemel's presence in the crystal. Below, to the best of my current ability, is how I see him. 

He struck terror in me when I first saw him. I then almost immediately grew in courage from within my circle. The second night, he does not bother me in the least. He reminds me of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. I can envision Eve as a primordial Venus, nude, with the golden-eyed Serpent rising at her side. The colors are very much that of the Thoth tarot's 7 of Cups - "Debauch". And within the Sphere of Venus, he remains.

The position is doubly unbalanced; off the middle pillar, and very low down on the Tree. It is taking a very great risk to descend so far into illusion, and, above all, to do it by frantic struggle. Netzach pertains to Venus...and the greatest catastrophe that can befall Venus is to lose her Heavenly origin. (Book of Thoth, p.182)


A very rough rendition of how Kedemel appeared to me in the crystal.