Green Fireball of Netzach

July 24, 2016, 12:15. Day of Venus, Hour of Mars. 

Latitude: 35.67770' - Longitude: -82.57733' - Elevation: 673.8m

I stepped outside and to my right side there was large green sphere, about the size of the full Moon, at tree-top level, descending very quickly at about 188 degrees. It looked like it could have been just a couple of houses down - it was so large. I was standing roughly at 208 degrees on the compass. The object appeared at about 15 degrees, just above the horizon. I only saw it for a split second, saw the sky light up around it with a weird green glow. And then it was gone. There was absolutely no noise.  On the stellar magnitude scale this was a -13, that is, as bright and big as the Moon. I saw no persistent train and there was no terminal flash that I could see.

Well, my first thought was of Venusian demons descending to collect me. This is what happens when you involve yourself with the occult. Horrid creatures are going to come into my house tonight while I'm asleep....  In my last post, I gave some small detail about my initiation into the Sphere of Venus. The night of that working I had horrible nightmares. Without going to far into it, here's a summary:

The dream pertained to a small black goat that ended up being a black poodle, UFOs, and Baphomet showing up in a second dream, in which I thought I had awoken from the first. It was terrifying. My dreams had much to do with family members. He pulled off his black goat face and there was only blackness behind. He stepped towards me and said, "They are all liars."

My actual kitchen.

My actual kitchen.

Now that nightmare scared me straight for about 24 hours. Then I began to examine some things - the context of the dream (family relationships), the setting (the kitchen - the place of planning, preparation, nourishment). Very Venusian themes under the guise of something very scary. I was being forced to look at realities I did not want to. One, my mother's dementia. It was on her body that the massive black goat head sat and spoke to me with a male voice. Horrifying. I went with this dream to my mentor. He brought up Chaos and Babalon. To say the least, I've a lot of irons in the fire right now trying to interpret what it is my tinkering has done, and what the implications will be. Immediately I was forced to look at aspects within my psyche that I rather had not. 

My being was still shaken from this initiation experience when I saw the massive green UFO outside, on, what else but the Day of Venus - the third Day of Venus since my initial working. As I googled and learned of bolides and of how our ancestors thought of meteors - as gifts from the gods, I came to think this was an amazingly rare experience. I certainly had never witnessed such an event. The bright green of the meteor is caused by copper. In my previous post, you can see a large copper coil on my altar. There are some small balls of wound copper wire on the altar as well. As above, so below. Did my altar draw down a copper meteor? Magic is fun to play with.

The only thing that would make this any cooler is to find the meteor and consecrate it as a talisman. I'm going to wander around a bit today looking.

As magicians initiating into the spheres, we are literally asking for that sphere's influence to emanate down into our lives. For me this was an extremely cool and magical gift - the timing of seeing such a rare event, as I work with the currents of Venus, is incredibly cool.