The Venus Gate Part 2 - Subsequent Dreams

In the days following the conjuration of Venus I had several very impactful dreams that sent me further into a panicked state. I did not wish to write them down, which doesn't matter, because they are written upon my memory.


I dreamt of being on a hill. Below me was a place where peacocks were kept. This place reminded me of the nature center from my childhood which had peacocks. They had just closed for the evening. A handful of visitors were dispersing. I descended the hill. At the bottom I collected three or four long peacock feathers from the ground, and began to ascend the hill again.


I dreamt that I was in Paris, France. Worthy of note, this is of course the city of LOVE, which suits very much the nature of Venus. I was outside of a large apartment building. I saw an older woman - perhaps in her late 40s or 50s with a bandaged right eye. There was another woman with her, her right eye was completely out, leaving a raw socket. They were sort of huddled in the street, giving me side glances. I needed to get in the apartment. The door was locked. I didn't have a key. There was a man likely in his mid fifties, pudgy and bald. I believe he was the manager or owner of the apartment building. I was furious with him. We got in a verbal fight. And then, I smiled and began to joke with him. He smiled too, his mood changing. I believe we may have embraced. My dead father was standing up by apartment building's front door. He said I had a phone call. But I had no entry into the building. I awoke, disturbed by the women and their eye issues. Ayin. Eye. The woman in the black wig with the eye issue from the night of the conjuration....


I dreamt that I had my camera with me, strapped around my neck. I was outside of the entrance of a dark cavern. In the entrance stood a black goat with black peacock wings. The wings were stunningly beautiful. As black as coal. The goat timidly looked at me. I approached, fearing it would run off. As I approached, I snapped pictures of it. It slowly began shyly backing into the cavern. I slowly approached, drawing closer, snapping pictures. Soon the goat had backed into an alcove in the back of the cave wall - just big enough for it to stand. It stood sideways from me, very timidly looking at me. I examined the beauty of the black peacock wings, taking extreme closeups with my camera - a Sony A6300.


My right eyeball fell out into my right hand. It looked warped. Terror-stricken, I put it back in. It fell out again. I put it in again. It fell out again. I woke up terrified. And since then, my right eye feels strange. I have since learned that Odin sacrificed his right eye at Mimir's Well in exchange for True Wisdom. Horus lost his left eye to Set, who gouged it out. Thoth magically restored Horus' left eye with his fingers, or by spitting in it. Horus then offered it to his father Osiris in hopes of restoring his life. The right Eye of Re has another story. The left is the eye of the Moon, the right, the eye of the Sun. 

Woe to my worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! Let his arm be wholly withered, his right eye utterly blinded! -Zecharia 11:17


I had a very restless sleep. It seemed as if a phantasm of a goat head was before me all night. It was telling me all manner of things. This may have just been my imagination from so getting myself into a frenzy with research.


All night long "Motherwort" and "Masterwort" were repeated. I mean it actually felt like someone was speaking the words to me in my head all night long. Now the strange thing is that in the Venus conjuration, I picked Queen Anne's Lace (Daucus carota) from the side of the road for use in my conjuration. It corresponds to Netzach. Masterwort (Peucedanum ostruthium) looks a heck of a lot like Queen Anne's Lace. I'm nearly positive I picked Queen Anne's Lace. I've yet to acquire these. If they call out to me, I should at least attain them.


In the back of the church, where the circle of lights spun in the sky in my experience. Across the road. In the doorway of a house. A man, in a loincloth, with the black head of a beast. I only glimpsed him. 

In Part 3, I will share how I came to research and interpret as well as integrate all of this.  For now, here is a bit on the Hebrew letter Ayin from the perspective of the website Glory Knowledge.