Preliminary Prayer: Trithemius' Consecration of the Crystal

I was recently reading Fr. Ashen Chassan's Gateways Through Light and Shadow. In the beginning he was stressing the importance of memorizing the invocations. Making them your own. It was recommended you recite them with voice recorder, and listen to it often. Know the words before entering into ritual. Know them well. Speak them well.

My first conjuration was terrifying. I made many mistakes. It will take a lifetime and more to understand that experience. It changed everything. At that time, I was not sure if I believed in spirits or not. I do not believe now. I know that there are spirits. They command a much greater presence than the most powerful person you've ever met.

I did not take precautions. I did not take this conjuration thing seriously. I lost my right eye, in the astral. Saw the peacock-winged black goat and much more. I saw the blackness of The Abyss. You can bet your ass I take things seriously now. 

In your embarking into Trithemius' system of magic, this should be your first step. Memorize this prayer. 

"Oh, God! who art the author of all good things, strengthen, I beseech thee, thy poor servant, that he may stand fast, without fear, through this dealing and work; enlighten, I beseech thee, oh Lord! the dark understanding of thy creature, so that his spiritual eye may be opened to see and know thy angelic spirits descending here in this crystal: (then lay thy hand on the crystal saying,) and thou, oh inanimate creature of God, be sanctified and consecrated, and blessed to this purpose, that no evil phantasy may appear in thee; or, if they do gain ingress into this creature, they may be constrained to speak intelligibly, and truly, and without the least ambiguity, for Christ's sake. Amen. And forasmuch as thy servant here standing before thee, oh, Lord! desires neither evil treasures, nor injury to his neighbour, nor hurt to any living creature, grant him the power of descrying those celestial spirits or intelligences, that may appear in this crystal, and whatever good gifts (whether the power of healing infirmities, or of imbibing wisdom, or discovering any evil likely to afflict any person or family, or any other good gift thou mayest be pleased to bestow on me, enable me, by thy wisdom and mercy, to use whatever I may receive to the honour of thy holy name. Grant this for thy son Christ's sake. Amen."