Magical Journal - Pranayama & Asana


Day of Sun

Hour of Venus

Sun in Sag

Moon in Virgo. Last Quarter

Today is so different from yesterday. Firstly, before Kelly and I started our yoga practices, I received a message from my cousin to call. I did so, nervously. The family problems from yesterday have not quite resolved but actions have gone forth that greatly ease my mind and heart. It reminds me to stay on my path and to not be distracted nor disenchanted. 

Settling in to the god asana once more I began pranayama - 10 second inhale, 20 second exhale. After 3 alternations I was out of breath. I tried again. This time I sat for half an hour, perfectly at ease. I even at the last upped the inhale to 15 seconds and exhale to 30 seconds. This proved more challenging. After about 3 alternations of that, I sat in the asana and breathed normally, focusing my attention. This is hard to describe, but I arrived at that place one does just before sleep does. Where words arise not your own, and you are conscious enough to find it strange. I've had this happen many times over the years. I stayed with this. My vision suddenly seemed to be dropped down and for an instant I saw what the face of a blue-skinned goddess with a golden headdress. Her eyes seemed all yellow. At the same time this vision flashed before me, a loud pop came from the fireplace and my eyes jerked open. I of course came to the computer, Googled blue goddess headdress. I am unfamiliar with Hindu or Buddhist pantheons - or many others. Neil Gaiman was the first to introduce me to the Norse gods. The image that popped up is this. The headdress is nearly the same as in my vision. I am not familiar enough to understand much else than I have seen people on social media propound Kali as of death, destruction and sexuality. I do not believe this is correct. I believe rather she brings death to the illusion of ego, and so liberation. In my vision she was a bit frightening looking - but it was only a flash.

While writing this, Kelly finished up her Ornish meditation with a Tibetan monk. She told me she had quite an experience in her time as well, but that is for her to tell. 

Another thing I noticed. I have always been hesitant about practicing meditation. Just sitting down to do it. It requires a set aside time and place in one's daily routine. Today however I found myself actually looking forward to it. 

My curiosity has been piqued as to finding out more history on the god asana, as well as Kali.