Dream Journal - Demon Ass


I dreamt that I was being led through a very seedy urban underground. Kind of sort of like getting to the kumite in Bloodsport. I was with a woman. Or maybe I was just a disembodied witness. We came across people who acknowledged us - we had seen before. They had played a part in leading us here. One was a winged girl, in her 20s, slouched against a wall, seated on the ground. We passed people that were coming out. A young woman that looked upset and hurried. We got to a back room. 

A demon was in the room, facing the back wall. He was naked. We entered. He had been requiring people to “tell him how it felt”. Everyone thus far had failed. He turned and stepped towards us. He had great long horns, a large face, hairy, blazing eyes. Not pleasant to look at. But the rest of his body was as a man’s. He turned back facing the wall. The woman I was with walked up to him. She was being tested.

To my utter shock, the demon reaches around and grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them. She and I are staring at his asshole. To my greater shock the woman bent down close to it. To my even greater shock his sphincter began to open. Now, let me pause here and say this does have some folkloric historicity... At least up to this point.

His asshole continued to open into a wide gaping chasm. The demon is speaking - I can’t remember what. I was mortified. The woman reaches up and touches his gaping ass and pulls a flap of loose sphincter skin. It looks a bit bloody. It opens even wider and he says something else I can’t remember. Then she reaches around and grabs the demon’s cock and starts jerking him off. But it’s all business - a job - part of the test. She pauses to rest or do some other task, and I watch the man who was with her try to take over the job. The demon knocks him backwards and the woman resumes.

I can’t remember what happens next. The dream fractures. In one I’m driving a stalled car and finally get it started. In another I’m picking up trash at a mall and people I know are there. In another I’m in a classroom. The teacher is a man I somewhat respect. I steal food from another student.