Physical Clairvoyance


I’m following Crowley’s Liber E in practicing the development of clairvoyance. I took some index cards and fit 39 spaces - 2 index cards for 78 pulls, the number of cards in a deck. Crowley indicates that probabilities are 1 in 78. That’s exactly what I hit. I named the Ace of Swords. In my mind’s eye I could clearly see a single sword standing up.

The Priestess I seemed to have a close affinity to, twice naming her for the Ace of Cups and once for the Queen of Cups.

The method which evolved was of shuffling each turn, drawing the top card off, and closing my eyes, turning the card over in my mind’s eye. I found it best to take a few moments and see what emerges from the vision. I was very close many times. I saw a pole once - it was the Princess of Disks. Another time I said “Sphinx” - it was the Wheel of Fortune. Again with the Priestess, I saw something like a lotus blosoming from the top of the card.

Also of course to note are card affinities, which as Crowley says can be studied in 777. 

78 pulls took quite a long time, but I believe it is worth it. I suspect the practice to be hardwiring a connection to the unconscious mind.

I tested my ability in buying 2 lottery tickets, one scratch off, the other powerball. I did this after a string of small synchros. I won $10 on the scratch off, correctly scratching the winning spot first out of 12 other spots to scratch. 

I’m excited to see if I can move towards 15-20 correct calls in 78 as Crowley claims. If so, I’m definitely playing the lottery more...