Great Paris Magical Papyrus


So much information has suddenly come to light for me in the last two days pertaining to my experience. My Venus experience has been more so on my mind, and present with me, than it has been in a while. I mean, more real, as it never is far from my mind. Here are the series of dreams which have lead me to where I am now:


December 6th

Just woke up from a dream about being closer to the city and looking up a mountain at some old barns and wishing I could get up there. Suddenly I see movement. It’s a white devil monkey like Kelly and I saw. It’s headed towards me. I feel awe and danger. I grab for my gun. Now, damnit to hell - every single time I pick up a gun in a dream it’s ridiculous. I fumble with the bullets. I almost resign myself to being torn to pieces by the devil monkey. I found out part of the problem was that one bullet was too long. The devil monkey has made its way to right in front of me. I throw the bullet and hit it in the face. By the time I manage to get a single bullet chambered it’s staring me down. And of course the trigger is too hard to pull because in every dream I’ve ever had about a gun the trigger is too hard to pull. I wake up.

I was on an alien planet or something. I wanted to go for a walk in the woods. They were majestic and ancient and I couldn’t wait to explore them.

A woman ran happily in front of me past the boundary that marked off the woods. I could see wild animals and I called for her to come back. She laughed until this thing that looked like a lion-headed Mithra showed up.

It followed her back to the boundary where I stood. It was more beast than anything. I didn’t want to but it seemed insistent on fighting me. I punched it in the nose and it flew back against a tree. This happened like 3 times. I motioned for it to come at me again. It would not. I then motioned very sternly for it to go back to the woods. It’s demeanor went from fierce lion faced beast to passive kitty cat. I told it that I didn’t believe it for a second. It’s expression went dark and the eyes glowed red. I pointed again for it to go back to the woods.

Rather than being afraid of it I realized it was like a big playful cat or something. Not nice and not tame but highly intelligent and mischievous if not playful - but not something I’d turn my back on.

December 15th, 1:56 AM

Dreamt just now I was looking at an image of something like Pan underwater. Was seriously creepy. Huge size, half the face darker than the other half, horned. He was holding a seahorse in one hand and another serpent like sea creature in the other. Was shown this image multiple times in the dream but it was so creepy I didn’t want to look at it. Not an image I’m going to forget anytime soon...

December 18th

I had some kind of gematria Qabalah type dream. I was told something should add up to 24 or 25 - I can’t remember which or what.

December 21st, Winter Solstice

I dreamt I was being groomed for initiation into the AA with a group of people. Two men were speaking. We were led into a room where we were told about past important groups within the Golden Dawn and AA. The years those groups were active and who led them. The present one would be remembered as one of the most important because of the work being done.

Stuff was being written on a board. I was trying to follow very closely. A single sentence was given. I can’t remember it now. We were then led into a chamber. I saw the leaders walking in a line - a symbol was above each of their heads. The man in front, who had done the most talking to the groups became passionately enlivened. Energized. He dug a grave into the ground with a crazed look while he exclaimed his excitement.

We climbed an earthen room. A bound body was pulled from the earth. We were to look upon it. The bindings were loosed. It was a young woman. She was blue and filthy. To my surprise she began to move and then speak.

To be a dead body in the ground was not what we were to become, but what we all were. Realizations triggered within the group. One began talking of his living-dead life. As he did, bindings appeared on him. Then another, a black man, began speaking of how he always lied. Red and black beads appeared on him, binding him from head to toe. He proclaimed all manner of things.

The leader looked at me. I told him I had always knew myself dead and didn’t think I’d ever mistaken myself as one of the living. He simply said, “Oh yes you have”.

I don't believe I have ever recorded the following dream anywhere before. I may have. I can't remember. It happened only a day or two after the Venus conjuration - July 15th, 2016. I remember it like yesterday. I just didn't understand it. I feel that "knowing" today - that the meaning is being opened to me. Here's the dream:

I am in Paris. A woman is stooped in front of me. She has odd dress - like a bible character or something. A head covering. She’s looking at me, but very cautiously. Almost as if she’s observing me observing her out of her peripheral vision. Something is wrong with her eye. It’s patched and bleeding through the patches. I find it disturbing. There is a tall apartment building behind her. My dead father is standing close to the doors. He’s alerting me that there is a phone call for me inside the building. The doors are locked. I don’t have a key.

There is a short pudgy bald man - apparently the building manager. I am furious and demand a key from him. He cannot give me one. He cannot let me in. I decide nothing can be done about it and apologize for screaming at him and actually embrace him smilingly.

This is likely to sound very schizo, but through a string of synchronicities today I was lead to The Coptic Invocation PGM IV 1-25. So, a bit of history, the Greek Magical Papyri was discovered in the 1820s in some tombs in Thebes, by some villagers. They were bought by Giovanni Anastasi. The Anastasi collection was sold in 1828 to a number of libraries throughout Europe, including the Rijksmuseum in Leiden, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris and the British Museum. Since then, many additional discoveries have been made. There are now about 230 extant magical papyri. Now... The Great Paris Magical Papyrus (P. Bibl. Nat. Suppl. Gr. 574; PGM IV) has had the most attention. PGM IV is a papyrus codex containing 36 leaves written on both sides with a total of 3,274 lines - the longest found to date. Do you see why this is significant to me? I'm just slow and stupid. It wasn't an apartment building from my dream. I can't say absolutely that it was this, but given what I've learned and what this picture looks like, I think it was the National Library of France:


What's really important is this: Does PGM IV 1-25 have any connection to my conjuration of the spirits of Venus? The answer is absolutely. Two of the synchronicities that lead me in this direction was stumbling on this, twice today: 

A Coptic Initiatory Invocation

(PGM IV 1-25)
an essay in interpretation, with critical text and commentary by
Terence DuQuesne

It's going to take me a while to put my thoughts to words pertaining to this. The text describes something that happened within my experience. And that is where things will get really interesting. I don't know if the blog or podcast has purveyed exactly how my experience has totally changed my perceptions. Over a long period of time. Over extended contact. I wonder how many more there are like me. I have so many questions. I believe this essay reveals the reason my dead uncle was part of my experience.