PGM IV 1-25 Initiation


To have a horrifying experience is one thing. To begin to understand, entirely another, with enormous implications growing exponentially. I think of Frater Parzival. I could not comprehend yet what he was telling me the Summer of '16. 

Shortly after the Venus conjuration and appearance of the woman with the eye issue and the void-faced Goat and the flies and all, she came again in dream. We were in Paris. My dead father was there. I was locked out of a building. 

PGM IV 1-25, also called, the Great Paris Papyrus. I believe she was pointing me to this text. The woman told me not to watch TV. Rather I should study. I have been. The woman whom I call Venus Calva was pointing me to knowledge of what happened to me. τελετη. Telete. That's what the rite in the PGM is titled. Stephen Skinner in "Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic" states that even though Betz or the translator Hubert Martin made the comment that the purpose of the rite is not clear - it is. Skinner states that telete is "initiation into the Mysteries". 

The shaman stands out by the fact that he has succeeded in integrating into consciousness a considerable number of experiences that, for the profane world, are reserved for dreams, madness, or post-mortem states... The shaman is the man who knows and remembers, that is, who understands the mysteries of life and death; in short, who shares in the spirit condition. He is not only an ecstatic but also a contemplative, a thinker.
— Mircea Eliade 

This is the translation of PGM IV 1-25:

the great spirit and the inexorable one
On the day of Zeus at the first hour, and on the day of protection, at the fifth hour, a tomcat, [..... .]
At the eighth hour(?) a [female?] cat.
Praise to Osiris
king of the netherworld
lord of burial-rite
who is to the south of Thinis
who ~ives answer in Abydos
who IS under the shade of the noubs-tree in Meroe
reverence for whom is in Pashalom
Praise Althabot
bring Sabaoth here to me
Praise Althonai
Eou great of strength
bring Michael here to me
this powerfu1(?) angel
who is [in?] the hand of the god
Praise to Anubis
inhabitant of the district of Hansiese
he who is upon his mountain
Praise to the female deities
[Praise to] Thoth
the doubly great the wise one
Praise to the male deities
Akhnoui Akham Abra Abra Sabaoth
Akg’hag’ha is my name
Sabagha is my true name
Glotglot the mighty is my name
May the one who is in the Netherworld
Unite himself with the one who is in the air
May they rise up come in and give answer to me
On the matter about which I enquire of them clearly

I know that's a lot to take in. This is only part one of the blog post. The entire blog and podcast have only been a prelude. Coptic hierogamy. The woman took off a black wig. She was bald, thus my name for her, Venus Calva. In the very beginning of my experience I saw a circle of lights high in the sky, rotating together. They terrified me. Next a small black goat came walking down the street near to where the lights were above. 

May the one who is in the Netherworld
Unite himself with the one who is in the air
In the nigredo the alchemist becomes aware that the power he has gained is Janus-faced and that the stone is capable of exercising both a divine and demonic force. Superhuman in potency, the reborn alchemist suddenly topples from his throne, his universe turned upside-down in the process. Known to the Greeks as peripeteia, or the ‘reversal of roles,’ this principle of irony and paradox is overwhelming in its operation in hermetic science: that which has been worhipped as holy becomes in the twinkling of an eye a monstrous horror; the cup with the elixir of life turns into a deadly poison.
— Johannes Fabricius

In part 2 we are going directly into Chapter 4 (Fire) of Aleister Crowley's Liber LVX and the commentary. If you now know what I only now know, you know what Goat was. No thing has proved itself more true to me than the Hermetic sciences, or more true than myth, dream and vision.