72 Hours to Lucid Dreams


That’s right! I’ve discovered a very simple method to bring one to lucidity in dream states - you know - where you realize in a dream that you are dreaming and can then assert your will in the creation of your dreams. Most people have had it happen at least a couple of times over their lives.

This method not only is very simple, but is also a very cool technique for magicians. You will need to practice it about twice an hour during your time awake. Don’t add variables such as an alarm - just try and remember. Trust me - this technique will emerge very soon in your dreams. And when it does, magic happens!

Here’s what to do:

1. Choose an inanimate object - one that is memorable and meaningful and simple. Stick with it through the 72 hours.  For example, a mushroom.

2. During your waking hours look around for another inanimate object in your environment. Point at it with your left index finger and say some magic words, like, “Abrahadabra, you are a mushroom!” Unless you are really good at magic, this won’t happen. But, after so many repetitions in wakefulness, your mind will take up the habit in dream. And in dream, the inanimate object will change into a mushroom, which will trigger lucidity, and then the fun begins.