Snow Moon Water Cup Consecration

Quite a lot went on in the celestial realms today during the penumbral eclipse! Have a look:



In Stephen Skinner's "Techniques of High Magic" he states that the Water Cup corresponds to Netzach where its Venusian associations support its emotional receptive and watery nature.  If you've been tracking with me, you know I initiated into Netzach, and had quite a life-changing experience. It is the lowest Sphere on the Pillar of Mercy. I had planned to create and consecrate the Earth pantacle first, but I felt absolutely driven to create and consecrate the Water cup in this celestial weather.  I painted the cup the night before - Thursday - and it took me from 11:11pm to 3:44am....  

As I was driving Westward (the direction corresponding to Water) deep into the Appalachian mountains, as the Sun was sinking below the horizon, I felt as if I was doing the most natural thing in the world. I was doing something that simply had to be done; as if it had been written in the stars. 

My thoughts while driving were centered on the past. My route literally took me to my past. And then past my past. Into unknown territory. Civilization died back. The mountains presented themselves intimately, up close. And then the road grew narrow. I passed a tremendous lake which the road was near level with the surface of. I entered Pisgah National Forest. I drove alongside a river.

At one point in my drive, I became overwhelmed by the sadness and beauty of all. What is my life but a single drop in an immense sea? Each individual, a being who loves, feels pain, loneliness, joy. It was too much. I thought how I do not fear death. I need to prepare for death. This is the meaning of life. To prepare for change. Each one of us is forced through an evolution: Birth, childhood, childhood's end, adulthood, old age, death. And then what? 

Just in the magical time of twilight, I pulled over. The spot is named "Sunburst". Quite significant... to me, as I will detail.

Lunar eclipses are extremely potent. They can bring abrupt change and transformation. This one is of a Leo / Aquarius polarity. Fire and Air. The idea is that I, King of my Kingdom, am drawing down power and authority. I don't understand the entire chart. Even if I did, I could expect the unexpected. We have an alignment of Sun, Earth, Moon, called a syzygy. Think of the syzygy as a celestial position holding extreme tension. Within a short astrological period - mere hours, that tension will break. This is why eclipses are always unpredictable and catalysts for change. I've heard it said that the Lunar eclipse holds the power of all the Moon phases. Of waning and waxing, of birth and death. It is dizzying to contemplate.

I took the cup from its cloth and waded out into the water. I got my shoes and socks soaking wet, and it was quite cold. I placed the cup carefully.


On the shore I used my wand to draw a circle. By this time the skies had darkened so that the stars were becoming visible. Venus was enormously bright. The Moon I could not see, as it was behind the mountains. Venus was positioned to the West - again the direction attributed to Water. My Water Cup was under the Evening Star's gaze. 

I fumbled with some charcoal, got it lit, and began burning my Lunar incense. I then proceeded with the following consecration ritual, which is from Stephen Skinner's book, aforementioned. 

1. Perform the Qabalistic Cross and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

2. Walk around the circle with the glass of Holy Water sprinkling it to the four quarters, saying:

'So therefore first the Priest who governeth the works of Fire must sprinkle with the Lustral Water of the loud-resounding Sea.'
Then, taking either the incense burner or a stick of incense, circumambulate around the circle again, pausing at each quarter, and saying:

'And when, after all the Phantoms are vanished, thou shalt see that Holy formless Fire, that Fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the Universe, hear thou the Voice of Fire.'

3. Walk around the Temple three times in a clockwise direction, pausing each time at the East and saying:
'Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe.
Holy art Thou, whom Nature hath not formed.
Holy art Thou, the Vast and Mighty One,
Lord of the Light and of the Darkness.'

4. Perform the Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram of Water.

5. Stand by the altar and face West (the quarter of Water) and with your hand make the Pentagram of Water over the Cup.

6. Recite the following invocation:

'O Thou, Who art from everlasting, Thou Who hast created all things, and doth clothe Thyself with the Forces of Nature as with a garment, by Thy Holy and Divine Name El whereby Thou art known especially in that quarter we call Mearab (pronounce Me-arab), the West, I beseech Thee to grant unto me strength and insight for my search after the Hidden Light and Wisdom. I entreat Thee to cause Thy wonderful Archangel Gabriel, Who governeth the Works of Water, to guide me in the Pathway; and furthermore to direct Thine Angel Taliahad (Tal-i-a-had) to watch over my footsteps therein. May the ruler of Water, the powerful Prince Tharsis by the gracious permission of the Infinite Supreme, increase and strengthen the hidden force and occult virtues of this Cup that I may be enabled with it to perform aright those Magical operations for which it has been fashioned. For which purpose I now
perform this rite of Consecration in the Divine Presence of El.'

7. With your hand trace in the air the Invoking Pentagram of Water and read the Invocation to the King:
'In the Three Great Secret Holy Names of God borne upon the Banners of the West, Empeh Arsel Gaiol,  I summon Thee, Thou Great King of the West, Ra Agiosel (to attend upon this Ceremony and by Thy presence increase its effect, whereby I do now consecrate this Magical Cup. Confer upon it the utmost occult might and virtue of which Thou mayest judge it to be capable in all works of the nature of Water so that in it I may find a strong defence and a powerful weapon wherewith to rule and direct the Spirits of the Elements.'

8. Trace in the air over the Cup the Hexagram of Saturn, and read the Invocation to the Six Seniors:

'Ye mighty Princes of the Water Quadrangle, I invoke you who are known to me by the honourable title, and position of rank of Seniors. Hear my petition, oh ye mighty Princes, the Six Seniors of the Water quarter of the Earth who bear the names of Lsrahpm Slgaiol Saiinor Soniznt Laoaxrp Ligdisa and be this day present with me. Bestow upon this Cup the strength and purity whereof ye are Masters in the Elemental Forces which ye control; that its outward and material-form may remain a
true symbol of the inward and spiritual force.'
9. Take the Cup and inscribe with it the Greater Invoking Pentagram of Water in the four quarters preceding each Water Pentagram with a Passive Invoking Pentagram of Spirit. Charge each Water Pentagram with the divine name, El.

10. Perform Qabalistic Cross.

11. Wrap the Cup in blue or white silk or linen.

12. Purify the Temple with Water as at the beginning of the Rite.

13. Consecrate with Fire as at the beginning of the Rite.

As soon as I started the invocation to the King and Six Seniors, the wind picked up tremendously, so that the flowing river was rippled. My tone grew with intensity. This happened again at the close of the ritual.

As with most of my magical workings, the real adventures take place within my dream states. I'm very curious as to what may come this night. I believe that magical results are reliant on who hears you, and if they respond.

On the way driving back the Full Moon in eclipse was directly ahead of me - in the East. It's hard to describe the feeling I got looking up at it. A calmness. A cold embrace. I thought of a dream I had many years ago of a Liber Spirituum with the moving illustration of an Undine who exuded fearful and electric power. I didn't know what a Liber Spirituum or Undine was all those many years ago. And now, I have the consecrated Water Cup, the link to the Elemental Realm of the Undines. How will I wield this weapon? I feel the next step is exploration of the Watery Realm.