The Mercury Gate Part 1


Day of Mercury

I have been contemplating initiation into the Sphere of Hod. It has already begun. 

Essentially this is what happened: Initiation into Netzach. Filling with inspiration, beauty, dynamic energy driving forwards. Her words ring in my ears every day, as do the words of Goat. I can never return to who I was before my experience. Every change that has happened has been positive. It was many times over terrifying, but in time, yielding of fruit. 

My work is growing wearisome. I have so much to do. My health is not good suddenly. Of course this happens when I stop drinking, or maybe I notice it for the first time. Raphael is the Archangel of Mercury. His office is healing. Teaching of skills and responsibilities. I'm going to have to make a doctor's appointment and get a physical - something I haven't had done since a child.

Hod is the Sphere of the inspired intellect. Of the trivium and quadrivium. Venus and Mercury are counterbalances. The king of dispassionate reason is a despot. Here in the Sphere of Hod discipline of the mind takes place. The mind becomes more logical. Hermes is the god of writing, of interpretive communication.

Right now my bedroom floor is absolutely littered with books, and many more are on their way through the postal system. My lunch breaks are spent with my Gen 1 Nook. My mind has been set on fire. I can't grasp what it is I'm headed towards. It's too large for me to behold. But I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am being moved towards wholeness. I need the initiation into Mercury to regulate the emanations of information pouring down into my Sphere. I need coalescence. Right now I'm burning myself out. 

So today the Work towards the Gate of Mercury begins. My study intensifies, a focus on better health, my daily practice becomes deeper, and here is where my writing will spring forth from.