Saturn & American Mandrake

I dreamt of driving my Dodge Challenger. I had friends along. We pulled onto a little known high mountain. You could see Asheville below. It was very strange. It was a place filled with wondrous water fountains all around. 

I remember parking the car, getting out, walking down the road, and turning around to see my car was gone. I started yelling to my friends about it being stolen, when they slowly drove down the street ahead in it. They had apparently pulled a prank on me. I was not amused at all. These friends were from my past. They made me feel nervous.

I remember driving down Hendersonville Rd with them, just south of where the old high school and later Sheriff's department were. One guy I didn't know too well. He started to speak and coughed up small worms. Not only was I disgusted but also alarmed. I thought he should get to a doctor.


I wake up from this dream and go about making some Saturn incense. I use asafeotida, poppy, saffron, myrrh, & American mandrake, pinch of sulphur. Things go thusly:

A few minutes after this took place I started feeling very anxious and a bit altered. Then it struck me - the American Mandrake. From this experience I learned a valuable lesson. I need to be extremely careful what herbs I'm putting in incenses and teas. In fact, this has made me realize that the internet is a horrible place to try to learn about herbs. There just isn't that much information. So, in the future, I may look into a local class or something. One thing is for certain - I'm not fucking using Mayapple in an incense again. It's funny because many people are fearful of invoking or evoking Saturnian energies. For good reason. I got good dose of terror from this. 

Now one thing of note is that it is said Native Americans used Mayapple, or American Mandrake to treat intestinal worms. I used it as an incense - inhaled in the lungs. And my dream character from the night before was coughing up worms. I also thought it important that he should make a doctors appointment. I've been having sinus issues and issues with throat / tonsils. I rather go to work nude, but I'm thinking I should make a doctor's appointment. 

So, as a final note - don't just throw herbs together because they are listed in books. Research well.