Unseen Help Divination

So earlier at work I had a peculiar incident. I've had a few there over the last 5 years, but this one was rather uplifting. 

I had stopped up a large sink and begun filling it up with water. Then I got totally distracted. I'm your classic wizard type — short-term memory loss. Several minutes later I was totally oblivious and immersed in something else. I had earbuds in. Suddenly the security alarm goes off. I freak out, run into the hallway, and see water beginning to pour into it. I run down the hall to shut the water off, and the alarm shuts itself off. 

The timing was critical - just a few more moments and I would have had a huge flood on my hands. As it was, I cleaned it up quickly. Someone unseen had gotten my attention about the overflowing water! 

I hate posting this stuff in a way, but I have to be honest with myself. First, this could have been a coincidence. Sure. I don't believe that though - and I may be a fool. I've encountered a number of spirits in this building. One was a black shadow thing attached to another employee. I saw it with my eyes the day after she told me she had an attachment. I went outside. It was inside, at the window in the room she worked in, making erratic motions. I was the only one in the building. Point is, I've had shit happen. In my heart of hearts I know someone turned that alarm on to get my attention and then turned it back off when I had become aware of the coming flood. Why?

Obviously they saved me a lot of trouble. I immediately have so many more questions, the first being, "Who was it?". So, let's do a tarot divination! I'm just going to pull 4 cards to see if I can get any insight into who it could have been. I'm using the Hermetic Tarot.


Princess of the Echoing Hills. Well. Earth of Earth. You can see the Abyss. The Ram's skull. This is the spirit. This is such a Cthonic image. She is of Assiah. She is benevolent, female, kind. Fits the bill. 

The Magician. Well. I guess we know who that is. It looks like he is conjuring the Princess. When I saw this image, I remembered that I did a ghost box session 2 nights prior - Monday, Day of the Moon. I need to review that footage now, with these events in mind. To beat all, I was talking to a female spirit. 

Ten of Cups. Water, water. That's my overflowing sink. I mean EACH ONE OF THE CUPS ARE OVERFLOWING! It's Mars in Pisces. Again, generosity. Kindness.

The High Priestess. Isis, Persephone, intuition, the unconscious. Anima? What can you say of so deep a mystery? The Moon in Scorpio resting in the 12th House. 

Stay tuned....