Phoenix Lights UFO Turns 20 Years Old

As a magician I like to evaluate events from a magical perspective - my new hobbyhorse is doing this with Fortean events. Now I need to seriously pick up some astrology skills - thus far I can create an event chart and sort of read it. Any insights appreciated.

It was March 13, 1997, 20:17 MST the first calls came in.

The event fell in Lunar Mansion 5, called Al Haqua, which is good for "returning from a journey". It was Lunar Day 6, which is good for "beneficial judgments". The Moon was in Gemini, good for educating, reconciling and negotiating. It was the Day of Jupiter, Hour of Saturn (Thursday's "Useless Hour"), ruling demon of the hour Ouanlēilos.

The Sun was joined to Alpha Pegasus, one of the so called "Lunar Stars", a fixed star, known as Markab, the Arabic word for a Saddle, Ship, or Vehicle,— anything ridden upon. Hebrew for "returning from afar". Above all, the star is malefic and said to influence the spiritual and mental. 

Here's the full chart:


Phoenix Lights Event

Phoenix Lights Event