Beauty and Lucifer the Beast 2017

I think of the man C.S. Lewis called his master: George MacDonald. G. K. Chesterton said of MacDonald's The Princess and the Goblin that it had "made a difference to my whole existence". Without getting weighted down with theology, MacDonald was a Universalist. Read up on him here. This is to say, he had the hope that the entirety of creation would be redeemed from its fallen state. Not just an elect.

I went to see Beauty and the Beast tonight in 3D, not because I like musicals or romantic movies, or even Emma Watson, though it is nice to see nerdy girls infiltrate the hive mind. I went because of The Beast. If you were to color him entirely black, he would very much resemble Goat, from my experience, which I'm sure you are all tired of hearing by now. However, if you are a resistant student of culture (without resistance your are assimilated), you've probably been noticing the rise of Beast imagery. Do an image search for something like "Baphomet in music". The Beast has never been more popular. Fascinating. What exactly is this symbol?

Enter Enchantress.

The Prince has already devolved into The Beast. The Enchantress is there to initiate his fall from divine grace, and the fall of his Kingdom from divine grace. The Prince and his subjects lose that which separates them from the beasts, but he lost more than they, and a gulf inhabited by ravenous wolves separated the Prince and his people. His royal court became animate objects. A clock, candelabra, wardrobe, harpsichord, tea pot and cup, and an extremely sexy feather duster. Animate objects. Think about that one for a second.

I had a conversation with Frater Ashen Chassan earlier today. We spoke of Lucifer and his fall. The Archangel Anael seemed to hint at the mystery of iniquity, which intrigued the Frater and his scryer Benn, and me as well upon reading her words to them. The day before I had a conversation with Gordon White and The Devil and Venus played heavily in that conversation. I really need to order Lucifer Princeps

The Beast is on his way to regaining his humanity and his kingdom. As this transformation initiates, an adversary arises.

Gaston is in the process of becoming The Beast. He dresses in the color of Mars. He makes a statement that he decorates only with the heads of horned beasts. His acts are centered in Assiah. They become more and more inhuman. And at the end, we are witness to Gaston's actual Fall. 

After much singing and schijt, Belle is united with that which is not provincial; that not of the empire. Gaston is the brute force of empire, a military Captain. Belle comes into her own library, her own castle, her own kingdom; she comes into love and her freedom is found. The Beast's humanity is restored, as well as his kingdom, and the memories of his subjects. They had forgotten the Prince, forgotten their loved ones in his royal court, forgotten themselves. 

Myths are interesting. Take what you can from them before the rose's petals fall. Remember who you are. There must be more than this provincial life