The Mars Gate Part 1

Back on February 15 I had posted that I planned to initiate into Mercury. Well... Things happened. A lot of unexpected things. It kicked off with a dream which I'll refrain from going into, but which I would call Martian. Things culminated later that day - April 23, 2017, around 9 AM. Here's the chart:

This chart has a lot of Fire and Water in it. Geburah is the sphere of Fire and Water - Aries & Scorpio. What the chart is of is Kelly and mine's car wreck. A car from the on ramp forced me into the left lane. I hydroplaned into Kelly. We were 45 minutes from Asheville and had been traveling since 3 AM that morning. The entire trip had been like fighting tooth and nail against a deluge. For 6 hours straight torrential rains.

We weren't hurt. Kelly's car was totaled and it is yet to be seen whether mine is or is not. This was a life changing event. It mostly changed our perceptions. We had a very bad experience with the Highway Patrol - of course ruled by Mars.

The next few nights I had Mars dreams. I too dreamt of finding wild asparagus. The next day I found that asparagus and ate some. Asparagus very strongly corresponds to Mars. After all this, and looking to see that the car accident happened when Uranus and Mercury Rx were in Aries, and remembering shortly after my Venus conjuration having a sleepless night of "Motherwort" (Venus) and "Masterwort" (Mars) spoken to me, I knew it was time to initiate into Mars. Also, the chart says the Moon was in Taurus, but Lunarium says the Moon was in Aries.

Basically, I got what I needed together and conjured Samael, Graphiel, and Barzabel. I even used a wee bit of gunpowder, among other things, in the Mars incense. I also acquired some local ramps. These are a potent Appalachian delicacy that get their name from "ramson" - Son of the Ram. 

So I begin the conjuration. Suddenly it's as if a trumpet blast goes off. And it goes on and on and on and on. I realize that it is the sound of two car horns blaring simultaneously. This goes on for around 30 seconds. Then one horn stops, and the other continues. Then men yelling - just outside on the street. I take this as a sure sign the spirits of Mars have arrived. The rest of the rite goes well. I ask for the sword in the picture above be charged with the power of Mars.

That was three days ago. Since then, more Mars dreams. I dream of cutting people's heads off with the sword. I dream Rufus Opus shows up (he shows up now and then as a dream character). He's admiring some booklet on higher mathematics someone just handed him (it was Craig from my high school - who was already a brilliant programmer like in 7th grade with an engineer dad). This irks me. I tell him and others that if I went back to school I would have to begin with basic mathematics, and that I felt rather than put time and money into school at this late point in my life, I rather focus on the "doing" of something, the "building" of something.
Rufus Opus looks at me and asks this: "If you were to go to school now, what would it benefit you?"

I look at him and slowly begin to smile. "More money!", I reply, and both of us begin to laugh.

And the synchonicities come like waves. I was given a $5 gift card to Chipotle with the symbol of a red pepper on it. 5 is the number of Geburah, and certainly red pepper - which was used in the incense - is of Mars. Red birds, red cars and Scorpio women around every turn. Kelly is affected too.

This is her dream:

I had a quick, extremely vivid dream last night. I felt like I was watching it on TV or something. I see a dark-haired man on his knees on the ground. He is blind-folded with his hands tied behind his back and shirtless. He looks sweaty and wounded as if he had been beaten pretty badly. I remember feeling so bad for him. 

A police officer comes to him. I can only see the officer from behind and a side view, but I can tell he has a big belly. He leans down and tells the man he is going to help him. The man immediately starts to breath a little easier and slumps down slightly and starts to cry. I felt relief as well and was so thankful for the officer.

The officer then kneels down, opens the mans mouth and shoves a thick, clear tube down his throat. He tells him he is going to give him water. The man yelled in pain and choked as the tube looked to have gone pretty deep into his esophagus. I then could see into his chest and see the tube. He turned on the water and I could see his lungs filling it water. He started to drown and choke. I could feel his betrayal from that officer lying to him. I felt so bad for him and wanted to help and couldn't reach him. That was when I jumped up in bed and woke up.

I am so exhausted right now I can barely type. This is not normal. I've been having extremely high energy at day and extremely low energy at night. I'm actually getting up early and getting stuff done. Facing problems. Dealing with issues. There is a strength that comes from this. A confidence. There too are lots of arguments cropping up around me. I diffuse them easily so far, or most of them.  

Kelly's dream disturbed me. Most of her experiences disturb me because they are so real to her, and so are to me. I came to Mars because I recognized the need for discipline in my life. And justice. The cop represented Martial authority. Geburah above all is about divine justice being carried out. Many people fear this sphere for that very reason. I am however a Calvinist. And Hermeticist. I have no delusion about my own goodness or righteousness. Many things are surfacing now that have revealed to me greater meaning about the Venus conjuration. There is much more to these things that are very meaningful to me, but would probably be tiresome for you to read. There have been no horrible void face goats or bald women or poltergeist activity as with Venus. There is however, each day, some serious shit that comes up that needs direct addressing. It is thrilling, terrifying and tiring. And a lot like being an adult. Law and Order are being established in my life. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. I feel purposed here. Each day I fulfill duties, and each day my purpose grows. 

As a side note, my Masterwort seeds are in the frig and will be planted around 3 months.