Birto Experiment Part 2




OK guys, remember my first how-to Birto post? I ended up not doing that. If you did, I'd be interested to hear how it went. One wise man - maybe Michel de Montaigne - said something like he may not believe today what he said yesterday....

I'm planning something else 4 days from now, which I will detail when I actually have done it. Since writing the previous Birto post, I've acquired both The Book of Treasure Spirits and The Book of Oberon. I had a short interaction with Daniel Harms on social media in which he said Rawlinson D253 also calls for a white-hilted knife. So Birto apparently wants it to be done with a white-hilted knife. I've come to the conclusion to first try the experiment as it's written. I can get lost in details. I don't have to use the Solomonic white-hilted knife is now my rationale. A consecrated knife is nonetheless extremely wise. I'll detail all that in a future post though. I too decided that June 28, 2017 more closely follows the instructions, specifically pertaining to said lunar day.


Time Anomaly

Now. I set this up on June 08, 2017 in an old church's bell tower. In fact, I had a pastor help me draw out the circles. I first swept the floor and mopped it with my own version of Florida Water, which is heavily rose scented. All this time something has been on my mind. In my dealings with magic, it's a phenomenon which has happened before. Some experience from the distant past, suddenly jumps into context. In this case, I believe the spirit Birto came to me years before I knew anything about this experiment. I had one of those very real dreams. I was at the time dating a girl named Bridget, and had stayed over at her place. I had the following dream on or around August 23, 2015:

I was with an old friend outside of a very large old church. I had seen another old friend of mine and was trying to say hello, though this was made difficult in that he had climbed far up a pole and wasn't paying me any attention at all. He suddenly fell to the earth, picked himself up and started talking to my other friend, showing him around the church grounds. He continued to ignore me. He had apparently been doing a lot of metal detecting. He was showing my friend all sorts of things that he had unearthed.

I followed them. We came to a large bin of weight lifting plates - old iron ones that had been in the ground. I expressed to him that I wanted to buy these and he ignores me and walks off to some other thing. My friend told me that he had already "......". I didn't understand the word. He explained that he had already performed the meditation on them. I was confused.

Then the friend who was ignoring me began to tell my other friend about the river behind the large church. I remember seeing the winds in the river, serpent like. He then spoke of the patterns of the clouds above the river. As he was speaking I began to look at the clouds. There was a long serpent-like cloud above the river, as if following the form of the water's flow. I then saw that this was an enormous cloud dragon and I was looking into its eyes, which were green. It's face was both beautiful and horrible. It was descending. It was going to envelope the old majestic church building, which had appeared to me as entirely wooden. I wanted someone to see the beauty of the dragon. I tried to say her name. Bridget's. The entire time the dragon was holding eye contact with me, and I with he. I was transfixed, both in terror and awe as he descended, ever closer to the earth.

I woke myself up trying to call for Bridget. It came out something like "O...aaaaa......liaaaaa."

You can imagine how I feel about this dream now. The metal detecting - literally treasure hunting! I end up setting the Birto experiment up in the bell tower of an old church. What else could this dream have been about but Birto? I believe the church's pending destruction would... will mark my life changing forever. The dragon destroys it - or at least was going to before I woke up. I look at this as my career changing... I mean rather, as maybe even getting a career.



Draco.... Ptolemy lists the stars of Draco as of the nature of Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. So, I'm thinking Day of Mercury, Hour of Jupiter. Or perhaps the Hour of Mercury would be best... Here's a bit of a breakdown on just how "Mercury" June 28th, 2017 will be:

  • The Moon will be in Virgo
  • It is Wednesday
  • Keep in mind all to do with Lunar Mansion 13
  • Lunar Day 6

Virgo is the power-house money manager. Virgo is Capricorn's money-handler. What strikes me is that Virgo Decan 1 contains Thuban - the star in Draco - more on that in a bit.


Eyes of the Dragon

Eltanin and Rastaban represent the fiery Eyes of the constellation Draco the Dragon. If you can find the Summer Triangle, and Vega, the two bright eyes of Draco are near. You can bet this will be a consideration in my own experiment. I plan to commence when Eltanin and Rastaban are at their highest point in the sky, which is around midnight. This is what the sky will look like, says my Stellarium app:


Of Draco:


Eden has another name, Gen-Eden, which means Paradise, a "Garden of Delight," a "Region of Supreme Loveliness." It also means to encompass, to surround, to clasp, to enclose. It was a circle of space, a cycle of time, a ring... A symbol of sacred knowledge in antiquity was a Tree, ever guarded by a serpent, the serpent or dragon of wisdom. The serpent of Hercules was said to guard the golden apple that hung from the Pole, the Tree of Life, in the midst of the garden of the Hesperides. The serpent that guarded the golden fruit in the garden of the Hesperides and the serpent of the Garden of Eden, which enfolded with its coils that mysterious tree, are the same.Valentia Straiton, The Celestial Ship of the North (1900); pp.63 and 65. Available through Kessinger Publishing reprint, 1992. ISBN: 9781564592651. 


Heart of the Dragon

Now this is extremely important. Thuban is the pale YELLOW star at the heart of Draco, and is the foremost star of the constellation. This is getting good, yeah?! Listen to this:

When rising, Thuban indicates prospectors of gold and silver or those who are ministers of money (this might include accountants, clerical workers, cashiers etc. nowadays). If setting and if Mars is conjunct the descendant or in harsh aspect with it, it is said to presage the native being burned in his own house or killed by public execution.  —George Noonan, Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, (AFA, 1990), p.6.