In Nagarjuna's thesis, emptiness is not a negation, but the premise that "no concepts are intelligible". This is interesting juxtaposed with Iamblichus' doctrine of demons not being able to distinguish between truth or falsity.

Think about that. A reality where dualism ceases, where the Yod's eternal movement stops. I think too of Frater Ashen Chassan's descriptions of the angels of the Arbatel. There is no sense of individuality among them, no sense of even free will. We cannot even conceive of their state of being.

How could there be duality with such beings? Right or wrong? As a Calvinist, I already accept Monism. My morality is vastly different from the herd's sense of right and wrong. I, with fear and trembling, worked out my own salvation. Politics and Religion are rendered void, as well as most things people get up to to assure themselves they are someone - an individual someone - because they have themselves a label.

Christian existentialist philosopher Søren Kierkegaard tells us that if you label him, you negate him. Do you understand those who seek an identity lose their identity?

Be empty my friends. They are all liars, and you the biggest liar of all. This is the goal of meditation: To silence the liar, the ego, the monkey mind, the set apart entitled one who believes he is eternal.

Those who have truly experienced an ego death, or as Jung called it, psychic death, or as the Qabalists called it, the kiss of death, these people are marked. These people are the truly initiated. They have encountered the Prima Materia, the first step towards the Philosopher's Stone. One cannot even begin the path without first encountering the Shadow. When it is integrated, an eternal soul is born out from the mouldering nectrotic forms.