Meditation on Death


The mother's teat is the first object the subject experiences. How did/will the subject remain self when at the Gates of Matter, all that is, is no more?


This state of being is the state of deep meditation. When you awake suddenly from a gap in the mind's meandering to find yourself listening to music you hate. You ask yourself why you have been listening to it for that length of time without changing the station. But you hadn't been listening. You were not present, but were present. You had momentarily reached a state of single-mindedness which is more real than the self who resides in the world of subject - object.


It is my strong suspicion that there are those who after death become "stuck" in all they believe themselves to be.


The Fall was into the darkest depths from which form arises, from which Elohim breathed upon: the Primordial Waters, the Prima Materia, which underneath everything is still Void and without form. But is not unpopulated.


In the Old Testament it was referred to as a place of unconsciousness, where YHVH could no longer be consciously sought. It is described as Abraham's bosom. The Greek for bosom is kolpos. The idea  is residing in a host. Awaiting. Sleeping. But above all, silence. It is Sheol, to which Scripture says Jonah went down into. He there prays, and it is his reworking of a Psalm of David. It is said "he remembered the Lord" and with that conscious thought he arises from Sheol.


There is much complex theology and eschatology crossing many civilizations to ponder. Suffice to say, the righteous were separated from the unrighteous. Christ's parable has a chasm, or uncrossable Abyss between the righteous and unrighteous. In the Book of Enoch, Sheol was separated into four parts for wicked people, good people, righteous people - all these who would be resurrected - and then a place for those who would never be resurrected.


At this point we should ponder the words of Lyn Buchanan, who worked with remote viewing from within the military. He says that he saw different things happening to souls who died. Some went to a heavenly place. Some went to what he said could only be described as hell. Some reincarnated. Some simply ceased to be.