Birto's Magical Treasure Hunting Seal

There's Treasure Out There

There are all manner and modes of treasure hunting. Early magicians actually treasure hunted - it wasn't some vague metaphor for "blessings coming into your life". It was even considered a form of ceremonial magic, if that tells you something. Today we have metal detecting, magnet fishing, sifting, dredging, river snorkeling, panning for gold, dowsing for treasure, hell, even rummaging and yard sales have offered up innumerous  treasures for me. I once at an auction got an estate collection of smoking pipes for $200 that I refurbished myself and sold for a couple thousand dollars. There were no Dr. Grabows in this collection! 


The Problem You Have As A Blossoming Mage or Even Individual

Today's popular magicians grow an audience, and sell products to them. Capitalists can be nothing but Capitalists. It's a pop-culture, this occultism. Like the preachers of pop-Christianity, they need you constantly at their teat. They would insist you need them, or their order, or their initiation, or their course. Fuck all of them. Their worse nightmare is that discipleship would take place under their watch, because that means their authority would be undermined. No person has but the authority others give them. Think about that. A true teacher knows this and congratulates you the day you stop looking to them as an authority. You've graduated.

You don't need anything or anyone but the hunger to carry through on your own. The spirits will be there to meet you. You can only own and read so many books. Trust me, I know. I've sold the majority of my books off - thousands. Granted it took the failure of my marriage to shake me out of the false sense of "being" they gave me.

In Buddhism there is a concept that one comes to an end of garnering knowledge. You are going to have to step up to bat for yourself. The longer you look to others, the longer you don't do schijt. It's really a problem in the West. Our parents didn't do us any favors by enabling us, nor our partners. We keep waiting for government or religion or the people in the know to show us the way. It will never happen friends. You must make the way. 


Getting on with It

It's no secret treasures are buried. They always have been. Up until gold and silver stopped being used anyway. The point is I believe it's for this reason spirits take ownership of them. The first time I noticed when treasure hunters seemed to be turned away from treasure by such things as storms and acts of nature was with the Titanic - when it was found. Since then I've noticed it again and again and again. We know treasure is all around us, lost, forgotten and waiting. But damned if it isn't difficult and dangerous to get to it!

So, here on this blog you will see the how and why of my coming to this seal, which I believe Birto gave to me through dream. I finally have a prototype model - not perfect - as my wood-burning needs some practice and I need to fill the center with wood-filler and sand it, and complete the burn on Birto's sigil. When I get it right, It will be cast in a red-pigment silicon and consecrated (which I may eventually get around to releasing that process, pertaining to when and where of the star Thuban).

Long story short, my initial vision was to have the seal placed on the top of a metal detector coil.  Because it is cast in silicon it would not interfere with the coil and also would be waterproof - which I plan to be metal detecting in rivers and streams in my area. 

So - here it is from vision to actual artifact. Again, I'll keep you all posted on my progress and results as time goes by.