Birto's Sigil to Thuban's Glyph

I've been researching Thuban, i.e., Alpha Draconis, which was the pole star during the time of Old Kingdom Egypt, some 3,000 years ago. I wanted a glyph for it. I believe the knowledge gained from my Birto experiment is that Birto corresponds to Thuban, and that I very much need to create a sigil for him for a very specific purpose. So... I've been working on this a few days..... Where in the hell am I going to find a glyph for Thuban? I've already got Birto's sigil worked out, and it blew my mind that the method of producing it, produced essentially the lines of the constellation of Draco, which Thuban is in - third star from the tail, pale yellow. But there is more that must go into this than the sigil... Much more. For one, I need that Thuban glyph, and it must reside somewhere in history, given its importance in Egyptian theology, and as the old pole star.

Last night I had a dream about a cobra. I can't remember much detail, other than it was a snake and it stood, and had a hood, and was certainly a cobra.

After looking into all kinds of academic stuff on Egyptian astro-theology again today, all day, and all night, as it's currently almost 5 AM, I finally found what I was looking for. Draco is a circumpolar constellation and was much more so that 3,000 ago. It is immortal in the heavens. It doesn't go below the horizon, it never sets, at least if you are in the Northern hemisphere. I feel that the reason I can't find more about Thuban, the pole star in Egyptian depictions of constellations, is because it was magical knowledge withheld from the profane - I mean all Egyptian wall decor seems to relate, in an eschatological way, to star stuff. Where is Thuban? I believe however that Moses - who grew up being taught of the Royal Egyptian Arts in the Royal Palace - could tell me. In fact, he already did, with the bronze serpent on the rod in the desert. With Aaron's rod which turns to a serpent and the Egyptian magicians' rods that turn into serpents. The caduceus, the Ouroboros, Jörmungandr the World Serpent, the Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - all these symbols are pointing to the same... knowledge, which is celestial, yet transcends even that. But I'm getting way ahead of myself. There is so much here pouring forth into my cup, that it overfloweth. I am 100% obsessed with this right now.

Basically though, I have tonight my Egyptian glyph for Thuban. It wasn't easy to find. Two things:

  • The Amduat papyrus of Panebmontu
  • Seti I’s tomb, from the eighteenth dynasty

 If you missed what I was missing, it was revealed in the dream, and specifically stylized in the above two sources. Astrologers down through the ages have the same ideas about Thuban/Draco that I believe the Egyptians did. Serpents, and later dragons, are quite popular a symbol among royalty. As excited as I am about this, and as much more detail as I'd like to give, I suppose I must go to bed now, and dream some dreams. Within the coming days I hope to have the finished seal in my hand and ready for consecration while Draco is high in the summer sky, and also have it ready then for use; which of course has to do with treasure, and much more. A dragon isn't just treasure, but also cunning and more wise than all others, and extremely protective, and also ruthless. Dragons are of the nature of Saturn and Mars, and this one, perhaps Jupiter and Venus as well.