The Reason for Occult Secrecy

I grew up with this type of mind-set in Pentecostalism - where there is a bar on all information. Nothing is allowed to be examined out in the open. For fucks sake there are still people pissed off at Israel Regardie for publishing what the Golden Dawn got up to.

Aaron Leitch of the Golden Dawn and Rufus Opus of the O.T.O go on Alexander Eth's podcast, Glitchbottle, and take turns telling each other "you can't talk about that publicly". This is somewhat understandable, given they are literally in secret Masonic clubs, vestiges of Victorian repression.

It doesn't stop there though. If you people don't know, I was kicked out of the super sexy chaos magick site Rune Soup's premium membership for anonymously sharing a member's alleged experience that directly correlated with my own. They contacted me, I pulled the show immediately. I was still kicked out for transgressing some fine print about a privacy policy. I had no problem with the hypocrisy - despite Gordon's railings against Victorian magical orders ridiculousness and secrecy - well, Rune Soup's premium membership is one.

But what really pissed me off was everyone there acted like I murdered a fucking puppy or something. I received absolute shit by people I wouldn't give the pleasure of naming, though I should, because I really think that's their biggest fear.

Recently in one of the largest magical groups on fb, a question was posed about secrecy. Over 90% of the responses thought that secrecy was necessary. For a variety of reasons, viz., "it gives magic its power"; or, "that failed Catholic priest Levi said "to be silent""; or, "I'm afraid I'll get booted out of my career", or, "I enjoy being in the fucking closet", or, "I'm initiated into a REAL LINEAGE and NOBODY CAN KNOW ABOUT THIS SHIT, CAUSE EVERYONE BUT US IS FAKE!".  Right. The last case is the absolute worst of delusional little shits. I could name several. Again, I don't want to boost their egos anymore than they already are.

The real reason for occult secrecy is that you believe your secret occult dabblings make you above all the muggles. You are afraid of muggles. You think the world to be profane and it is you who are profane. Anywhere there is polarization - Us vs. Them - this is delusion and psychological immaturity. It's what destroyed the original Golden Dawn. Immature people with huge egos who could not dare to tolerate criticism, being questioned, challenged, examined.

One final word: Fuck secrecy. Strive for transparency. Be transparent to the world.