To Be a Wizard


I thought it would be amusing to try to put into words what is going on with me and Charm the Water currently.

A listener had noted that I have been grumpy since around April. This would correspond with my entrance into Geburah. If you would have told me then that in three months I would become disillusioned with everything, move into a country farmhouse on 160 acres of land in the mountains, and become obsessed with Buddhism, I would have called you a liar.

That's all happened. What continues to happen is the very result of process from Buddhism's practice, which explains why I'm suddenly interested: Withdrawal. Reflection. A death of the former me and those things I found identity in. It is dismemberment.

The question is what will be left as all these become dissolute?

The answer is what I always knew and what has always made me so unhappy. Nothing will be left. But this is not news to be upset over, rather rejoice in. Because the mind is absent of mind. The mind is clear light. To be is to not be. Lon Milo DuQuette spoke about this in terms of the Western Esoteric Tradition. At the time I couldn't grasp that no thing above Kether. But he is right - the East and West are making the same statements.

All forms are Void. Void is form. Let me try and help you see:

There is a show on Netflix - Chef's Table. It follows the lives of successful chefs. There is a common denominator among all of them. They first learned the cuisine of their culture. They mastered it. However, something within them drove them onward. They were dissatisfied at the limitations of their culture. Their art sought further expression. They pushed forward into the other cultures' cuisine, and then others, until all the world's forms of cuisine had been mastered. Then what? Then individuation. A new form of cuisine born of the individual. This is mastery. The other was false. An empty emulating. They faked it until they made it. The thing is - those who cry out against the fakes - they are the biggest fakes of all. Funny isn't it?

The old forms are dying as fast as new never before seen forms are being birthed.

The Middle Way - the Void - the Prima Materia. Here there is no duality, no polarity, and all potentiality. To arrive here one must sacrifice all notions of identity and clinging to of forms. Traditions must be crucified, lineage must be thrown down, as well as cultural labels. Let them exist, but do not mistake them for your identity. If you can't be at peace with letting them exist, be sure that you are taking your identity from them directly or as a polarization, dependent on them for existence.

What is it to manifest the world? What is it to live in an unrestricted formless Void of potentiality? To be absolutely free of duality? How can I quicken my own awakening so that I may begin to help others awake? How does one charm the Water?

Let me give you a hint: one does not become a wizard but by not becoming.