Lunar Eclipse Nightmares


Last night was horrible - tossing, turning and nightmares. I looked on social media as soon as I awoke to see the first post from Azi Rasa who said exactly the same thing and had comments underneath stating the same. Ah Luna.

In my dream I first remember walking down into a cemetery with Kelly. Someone was being buried that day and people were around. In the distance I became aware of an approaching...thing. It was 8 to 9 feet tall, wearing black hooded robe and had a void for a face. It had an entourage that I didn't seem to pick detail up from. I was filled with horror. I knew Kelly and I had to get out of the cemetery away from it. It was demonic. 

Something was wrong with Kelly though. It's influence was already upon her. It drew sexual desire from her. She didn't want to leave. She wanted to approach it. This was very bad, very bad. I knew it was drawing closer to us. And then it was upon us. 

In the place of the Void face I saw flash an Astral image of a beautiful angelic face, with curls in the hair, as a Greek god. It looked a bit as I see the man in the Moon. 

The Astral image disappears and once again there is a Void face, but not quite. It keeps drawing closer to me. It wants me to get a really good look at it. I see a caved in face. Nothing is left but a pair of eyeballs and what looked to be a bit of gore. But it is ancient, not fresh. I curse at it and call it a Dr. Who looking thing. As I turn from it I see some sort of monument made of crystal points around the size of a decent wand. It has beautiful blues and pinks within it. I break one off at the base and I begin to use it to point at large objects that I levitate and hurl at Mr. No-Face. I hurl a huge stone Sphere. He magically hurls it back and for a bit there is somewhat of a game of ping pong. Large distances are between us. We magically hurl large stone monuments across the sky. My wand breaks. In this battle I end up breaking off all 4 of the crystal points there. 


Dream #2

This is where things get weird. I remember laying out in my dad's old garden on my back with my camera pointed up towards the full moon. I'm trying to get a picture. I see many stars through the eyepiece.  

I'm at a party in Boyd and Virginia's old house. Kelly is here somewhere. I make eye contact with a dark haired girl in a skirt. I'm in the bathroom looking through the doorway into the den. She turns and lifts up the back of her skirt. My eyes get really big. She's trans. She turns and smiles back at me.  

The next scene I'm on a train and many people are with me. It's like a Nazi prison train or something. All the seats are toilets - not the flushing kind - like the bedpan kind. We are very crowded. The guy next to me shits and pisses. There is no toilet paper. He uses his hand. It stinks. We have to sit like this on this moving train for untold hours. 

The next scene I'm at work. There are several girls I work with. I speak to one about some aspect of something we are preparing. It seems like it's a school program or something. I didn't realize it then but she is the trans girl. I have to go to the bathroom and shit. Something about it was embarrassing. Now - it's almost as if at this point "the show" starts. 

This trans girl is standing with me and Kelly. I am outside of myself looking at someone who is me but does not look like me. I'm wearing one of those yellow Tibetan monk hats shaped like the Moon's crescent. Suddenly the trans girl explodes in anger. She says she is not a girl. She gives off some exotic title. And then she proclaims who it is I actually am. Another exotic title. She says, "See", and I look and there is something like a spell ribbon wrapped around my chin like a muzzle. She said I had done this myself so that I would not speak my Kingship. She pulled it off. It seemed plain to me I was who she said I was, and she wanted me for herself. I could not leave Kelly.

The next scene I'm with a red haired woman in her 40s. There is a man with her. These are the people I was working with to put on the school program. She's in charge. He's her #1. I make it clear to her I shall not go along with them. Her eyes begin to glow white. She was going all Super Saiyan. Turning into a flaming goddess and she was terrifying. I pulled a magic wand out - the crystal and copper one I made. I held her while saying many strange barberous words I've never heard. It went on like this for a while. I was only holding her in check, nothing more. I turned tail and ran. The man was coming around the other side of a building essentially blocking both routes of escape - one was his direction, the other hers.


At this point I can't remember what happened next, but Kelly is going to post her dreams that coincided with mine which certainly have to do with the Moon. My first thought was that the faceless demon was Goat again, and then I thought it may be representative of the energies at work during this Lunar Eclipse.


Kelly's Dream

I had a dream about the moon (of course). I dreamt that our house was close to a river. Everyone everywhere was freaking out about the moon. I walked to the river, which looked similar to the one in NY. I looked at the moon, which was super big, spinning fast and the craters were real black. I kept trying to take pictures of it for Aaron since he was with his mom for her appointment and I was afraid he would miss it. Also, it was during the day that I saw this. I finally snapped a picture of the moon and started to walk back home.

Then I saw a tombstone floating on top of the water. I walked to it and the top of the stone was carved out to be a little girl's head and torso. Her right hand was up, arm bent at the elbow and she had her fingers the same way Baphomet does. Her face had a sinister smile and smirk. When I looked at the stone it was as if she could see right through me. The stone was bobbing in the water from the waves that were moving quickly while the moon turned quickly as well behind her. Her name, written on the stone, was in Spanish and I had to take a picture of it because I knew I would never remember it. In fact, I don't remember it now. Then, I went home to meet Aaron and there was a party at our house. I kept trying to get his attention to tell him what I saw, but he was too busy with talking with the people. He never saw the pictures I took. Then I grabbed the Chinese book from Saturday and tried telling him not to do anything dangerous, but he wouldn't listen to me. And I woke up.

Every day, Aaron and I pull a numbered stick and read our Chinese fortune. The one that Aaron read on Saturday was important in many ways. It showed up in my dream and when I woke up and read it again, it was even more relevant for Aaron now than ever.