Occult Teacher


As I delve further into the teachings of the East, I realize how truly impoverished not only the Western Esoteric Tradition is, but also the Western methodological mind.

Reason is a wonderful thing. Without it, we would cease to be human. But we mistake its function. It is wonderfully powerful, but it cannot give us reality. No more than science has the ability to deliver truth. Only do we have ever more complex models.

Zeno's paradoxes were attempts to show us the failings of logic. Without getting too heavy into it, they are the method of proof called the reductio ad absurdum. Proof by contradiction. 

In classical logic the 2nd law of logic is the law of non-contradiction. Since involving myself in the literature of Jorge Borges, GK Chesterton, Lawrence Sterne, Rabelais, Cervantes and many others, I've noticed their favorite toy is paradox. That is in fact what drew me to them.

Parmenides and Zeno are showing us that paradox shoots holes in reason, or in the very reality we mistake reason as being able to give us. And I bet they had so much fun infuriating the know-it-alls. Zeno the Zen Master!



The Zen student and the Zen Master have a relationship that I am highly envious of. The Master is at first a fierce terror, nigh to unapproachable. In time however the Master becomes more than even a father, more than a friend, and certainly more than a teacher.  

The Zen student's training includes being given koans. This is simply a paradox, designed to break-down the rational mind of the student. The student is to focus solely on the koan. It will consume the student.

I can tell you from experience exactly how the koan works as a Gnostic mind virus. I was given one by Goat, the incredibly fierce and terrifying spirit that came via my Venus initiation. "They are all liars". You readers and listeners know very well how these words have haunted me day and night for well over a year now. It is, I came to find an altered version of Parminedes' liar's paradox. I go into the shower, I hear them and see the Void. I lay my head down to sleep, I hear them and see the Void. I awake and I hear them and see the Void. There is no escape from them. Goat is unrelenting and all-consuming. This cartoon, though Thelemic, is a depiction of exactly how initiation works. The "I" of the mental state is destroyed. In my experience my right eye withered and fell out. This is the eye that perceives form, law, structure. In my experience this Goat had beautiful black peacock wings and stood within a cave. This was after my initial face to face encounter. He's not gone. He's still actively teaching as are the spirits of Mars, which led me directly to the discipline of Zazen and further enlightenment pertaining to my own experiences.


Hear is what Alan Watts had to say about the Zen koan:

..."What is called the Zen problem, or koan, is likened to a person who has swallowed a ball of red-hot iron. He cannot gulp it down and he cannot spit it out. Or it is like a mosquito biting an iron bull. It is the nature of a mosquito to bite and it is the nature of an iron bull to be unbiteable. Both go on doing what is their nature, and so, nothing can happen. Soon you realize you are absolutely up against it. There is absolutely no answer to this problem, and no way out. Now, what does that mean? If I cannot do the right thing by doing, and I cannot do the right thing by not doing, what does it mean? It means, of course, that I who essayed to do all this is a hallucination. There is no independent self to be produced. There is no way of showing it because it is not there. When you recover from the illusion and you suddenly wake up, you think, 'Whew, what a relief.' That is called Satori."

I don't have relief, but am more relieved than I was in that I know I am certainly being initiated, awakened... by a demonic Void face Goat. And I can feel nothing but thankful (and fearful) towards him, as well as Venus Calva - if they were separate spirits or not, I'm not sure. I do feel that only what are called spirits could have caused the impending poltergeist activity and appearance of dozens of flies.  

So I am seeing that my old mentor, Rufus Opus, he is right. The spirits themselves are the teachers, the initiators. I am thankful for him and for all the experiences in my life which have led me here. Closer than I've ever been to the Mystery.