Choose This Day Whom You Serve


You can be part of a community or you can create community. The former requires lack of vision, an attitude of servility, poised faithfulness, and a pension for the comfort of a pew. The latter choice requires everything opposite from those, as well as equal portions of rebelliousness and fearlessness.

To have a vision is to be non-compromising. Either sit down with everyone else and submit and consume as liars and false beings under the power of the advertisers, the marketers, the hacks and hucksters; or fucking create by phallic will, and rise to karmic Purpose.

There could be no Nietzsche without his Lutheran ministerial kin. No Sam Kinison without his evangelical upbringing and career. No Crowley without the Plymouth Brethren. No Buddha reforming Hinduism without rebellion. No Luther reforming Christianity without rebellion. Polarity is in this world so that it may wake you to the non-duality of reality. Polarity is a murderously idiot child's toy. 

There is no identity without first leaving the false imprint. Go! Individuate! Know thyself! Do what thou wilt! Be true to thyself! Who mastereth me is uglier than I!

Many are called and few are chosen.