Father Mithras


During my Venus initiation I wrote briefly about the Gates of the Gods and the Gates of Men. Recently I've had that knowledge from 'ole Macrobius expanded by delving into Mithraism and Porphyry. I only did this because of a Lunar eclipse dream in which a trans girl stood before me. I was wearing a Phrygian cap and my mouth was bound by a magical ribbon. She untied it and pronounced me a king. Upon waking and researching I learned that the Phrygian cap was worn by Mithras and represented initiation into the 7th degree of that cult. I bought some books...

Porphyry in The Cave of the Nymphs essentially says Mithras has control over the process of celestial ascent and celestial descent. Baphomet's arms, Mithras' arms, the torch bearers Cautes and Cautopates - all that symbolism points to this.


 You see what the Lion-headed Mithras was standing on wasn't just The World. 


Plato in his Timaeus reveals this:

The Demiurge constructed the Universe out of two circles which he joined in the form of a letter X. 

This is the celestial equator together with the ecliptic. Where those two intersect are the equinoxes. The procession of the equinoxes. Is any of this getting through?

Kelly's dream of the young girl portrayed on the flooded tombstone with her arm up - that was a clear message. Water and Spring Equinox. We dreamt of the same girl the same night of the Lunar eclipse.

Look at the picture of Baphomet above. This is the best depiction of Atu 15, the Devil Card from the tarot ever! It shows what exactly the material realm is and how we are trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth into it, all being overseen by Father Mithras. 

More to come.