Money Magic Intro


Now he who would become as a king unto himself must not renounce the kingdoms of this world, but must conquer the lands and estates of others and usurp their thrones. Should he be poor he must aim at riches without forfeiting his poverty; should he be rich he must aim at possessing poverty as well, without taking one farthing from the coffers of his treasury. The man of much estate must aim at possessing all the land, until there is no kingdom left for him to conquer. The Unobtainable must be obtained, and in the obtaining of it is to be found the Golden Key of the Kingdom of Light.

-Aleister Crowley, The Temple of Solomon the King

Your ability to manage finances has serious repercussions on your relationships, your happiness, your health - both physical and mental - and your perceptions of yourself.

Capricorn is cardinal Earth. It doesn’t get any more dense in the material world than in this sign, which is represented by pentacles (and the Devil). I am a Capricorn and Saturn is currently in Capricorn. To say I’ve been affected would be the understatement of a lifetime.

Here, on the ground, we either build upward or are limited to a life of rubble and restriction (which is just the pits for priest kings). A precursory glance at Levi’s Elemental Prayer of the Gnomes tells you exactly what Ghob has to offer. Gnomes are hardworking and expect no less from you if you have any hopes of gaining their favor.

Kingly Jupiter can neither pour out much in the way of blessings for you if Saturn has bound you to using thimbles. Working with Saturn is working with restriction. Through the restrictiveness of a budget, freedom is found. The old man won’t extend your boundaries until he sees you can work well with what you have.

I hate to ruin the secret, but anyone who has initiated into any of the Spheres will KNOW that Magic is self-mastery, is growing ever towards wielding more power, or enacting of Will. Towards kingship. It’s not for people who rather be restricted within small boundaries. As Mr. Gordon White said, magic is for those who would lead an interesting life - or what’s the point? To lead an interesting life, you are going to need some wealth in that wallet to begin with, as well as discipline, so that your wealth won’t be bringing mo problems with it.

This post is going to kick off a series in the taboo topic of money magic. Relax your sphincter again, I’m not selling anything and there will be no webinars. I’ll tell you exactly how I’m working with wealth management and magic and what the results are.