Money Magic - Ground Zero


I entered the work force at 15 years of age and have lived beyond my financial means for 23 years. As I stated in the previous Money Magic post, as Saturn came into Capricorn, something in me came alive. And I'm not the only one. As I've said too, I'm not selling anything and I'm not trying to tell you that I am currently rich and successful. I'm just bringing you along with me - showing you what I'm doing, and what the results are.

My initiation into Yesod last September is almost wrapped up. The Foundations are almost laid. I have a few more loose ends to tie up before I continue on into an initiation into Saturn. Here is what I have done to date. 

  • Got a fucking budget. 

No excuses. Every single dollar that you have coming in should be allocated. This is money management 101. Each dollar that you have that is not purposed just disappears into some void. Every dollar must be disciplined. Doing this will bring a conscious perception of how it is money is flowing into your life and out of your life. It brings its own gnomish gnosis. As I've said before, through the restriction of a budget, freedom is found. Here's where I started:

Mitchell Walker's The Pouchplan Budget

Listen to Mitchell's interview on Stacking Benjamins. You will thank me.

EveryDollar App. The great thing about this app is that it goes where you go. Also whomever you are budgeting with in your household can access the same budget on their phone. I've never done well with pen and paper and am not terribly fond of spreadsheets - that's more a Virgo Kelly thing... This app I love though. 

The point of budgeting for Kelly and I, in the immediate is to eliminate our debt. To throw everything we can at it while we live like our ancestors did. No Netflix. No cell phone service (wifi only). No eating out. We are selling everything we can do without. We mean business. We are serious about changing our lives. We are serious about our quest towards wealth.

  • Started Investing. Immediately.

As fate so decided, it was time a financial mentor came into my life - they also happen to be millionaires and so I'm listening to them. Kelly and I had exactly 4 millionaires and one successful real estate investor come into our lives at around the same time. All in face to face situations locally. Weird, huh?

My immediate focus is the stock market, with a secondary focus on cryptocurrency markets. With help, we are learning each and every day about 401ks, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), long term mutual funds and so on and so forth. The main thing is to not get overwhelmed with all there is to learn. Listen to podcasts. Talk to older retired people. Ask questions. Watch YouTube videos. Join fb groups. Follow people on Twitter and set notifications. Here are some resources:

Investopedia - there is a ton of information packed in here. Visit daily for a reading session.

Seeking Alpha - this is my most visited site / app. Before you buy shares of any kind, do a lot of research here. 

Coin Market Cap - Where to watch crypto dance. 

Robinhood Free Stock Trading - If you know your way around the stock market and have some large stacks of cash laying around, forget Robinhood and head to a brokerage like Vanguard. I'm not there yet. I'm in the learning phase. Robinhood lets you buy and sell shares. Start off with penny stocks. Watch what they do. Learn about dividends. Read lots of articles about the companies whose shares you purchase. In 2004 you could have bought Netflix shares for around a dollar something each. Today they are at around $266 and rising. Imagine had you bought a few thousand shares in 2004... Had you bought $100 of Bitcoin in 2010, you would be sitting on over 100 million dollars. By the way, as of writing this Robinhood is an app only. It is soon coming to web, and is soon to host bitcoin and other crypto. I recommend some traditional stock market knowledge before getting involved with crypto at all. 

If you have the money, buy a subscription to something like The Oxford Club. If you don't have the money, pay attention to books that their writers publish. Again, listen to lots of podcasts. Imagine you are Paul Atreides just landed on Dune, and you are making a study of Spice Flow. The spice is flowing, trust me. The spice is flowing. 

Notice I haven't gotten to any magic yet. That's coming. Before you manifest the creative powers of the Universe into your sphere, you need the infrastructure to handle it. Foundation. Do lots of Invoking Earth Pentagram Rituals. Get your hands on some Tiger Eye gemstone as well as Obsidian. And now this is for a future post - but go ahead and get some lead. Don't handle it much cause it be toxic. Other than that balance out with Pranayama and Asanas. After Kelly had a couple of very intense experiences I'm giving Yoga Nidra a go. Also, what you eat is essential to your budget. A valuable clue - learn who Dr. Ornish is. Kelly is an alumni of the Ornish program as of today. Both our lives are changed in tremendously positive ways.

If you'd like to get started with Robinhood, click here to sign up and we both get a free stock! If you don't sign up through that link - you'll still get a free share, I just won't get a referral credit. Do what thou wilt.

PS - within this post are clues to a single specific stock that I believe is a wise choice to buy shares in immediately.