Lovecraft, Intercontinental Exchange & Blockstream


OK, you are going to have to stick with me for a bit on this one.... I had a dream back in August of 2011. I recorded it here. It's as follows:

In my dream I was H.P. Lovecraft. I resided in what was once a luxuriant wing of an immense apartment building. This day I had company, which was unusual of itself.

My guest was a woman, dressed completely in dark apparel. She was of a very peculiar character, not speaking a word. She walked across the room and sat down at my piano. From the angle I was standing at, I could only see her feet underneath the piano. I had heard rumors of the strange music that she played and I thought of my story “The Music of Erich Zann”.

She began to play, softly at first. As her intensity of playing rose, her legs began to work the piano pedals madly. Her black dress had risen to above her knees. As I watched those knees rise and fall, I thought they looked strangely thin and bony. “My God!”, I thought, “She’s a man dressed as a woman!” Her playing continued to rise and crescendo.

Behold! There was not a single pair of legs working the pedals but two pairs now! I was struck with horror! Each of the four legs was madly rising and falling, rising and falling - each with a violent precision striking one of the three piano pedals. Amidst the nightmarish music my focus remained on the legs. The pair of legs on the right of the piano bench appeared thin and feminine - their posture was feminine as well. The pair on the left of the piano bench appeared thick and masculine. The playing stopped, and all four legs came to a comfortable and leisurely resting position. I rushed to look at the face of the strange quadrupedal seated at the piano. There was no man. There was no woman. A small boy dressed in early 20th century regalia - with ascot and grey newsboy shorts - sat looking up at me from the floor. There was no color to him at all - not in his face nor eyes nor his clothes. He was in black and white - monotone. He asked if there was any tuna. I said “No. Quite dismally, I’m afraid that there is only salmon”. I thought of the genus felis and of my story “The Cats of Ulthar”. I knew the economy was in shambles. Salmon for everyone now.

I turned the corner of the room and began to ascend a large oak staircase that rose several floors. It was very wide a staircase - so much room for myself to move about as a lone tenant. I was going to retrieve cans of salmon for the boy and I to have for lunch. I pictured in my mind, as I climbed the stairs, the docks outside of the building, and the ships in port with all of their exotic wares. I finally came to the large attic space. I walked to the far end and looked down. Amidst the rabble on the floor were glue traps for mice. I thought of my story “The Rats in the Walls”. One glue trap was turned upside down, upon the floor. The other had a small mouse in it. I despaired that the creature was still alive. I placed a small wooden cabinet upon its head, applied pressure and awaited for the crunching sound of its cranium crushing in upon its pitiful rodent brain. To my dismay, it lived yet. I repeated the process several times until only a bloody spot remained where the head had been. I could see an ear. It seemed the body of the mouse still rose and fell with breath. I despaired again. Thinking of how to prepare the mouse for lunch (I must have my maid see to it), I left it there upon the attic floor and returned to the stairs. I thought how large and grand they were, and how beautiful was their oak wood as I descended them.
— Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now it wasn't until January 26, 2018 - just 2 days ago from my writing this - that that dream took on significant meaning. I always remembered the oddness of the building from my dream. In the days of my old blog Hodos Holos I would often spend an hour or two after having documented a dream finding or creating images that mirrored those from my dreams. I found a picture of the building that I was in in the dream. I didn't pay attention at the time to what it was, or either it didn't mean anything to me then. This is why it does today...

I rediscovered the building a couple of days ago doing an image search of Wall St. I've recently gotten the stock trading bug, and just was wanting to see where it all goes down. I noticed a building in the image search results. It was the same one from my dream of August 2011. I looked into it. It was known as the Beaver Building in the financial district of downtown Manhattan. It's a very odd triangular building of 15 stories (2 Goat correlations right there) and it was one of the first skyscrapers in NY ornamented by polychromatic glazed terracotta in the colors of green, cream, and russet . It was designed by the architects Clinton and Russell. Munson Steamship Company headquarters were there. Their main business was hauling Cuban sugar, and later wood. They would eventually own 60 steamships. Here are some pictures and advertisements of theirs: 


Pretty cool, huh? I'm still digging to see if they had anything in particular to do with the tuna and salmon trade. After they moved out of the Beaver Building the New York Cocoa Exchange moved in, from 1939 until 1979. The exchange was founded in 1925 by cocoa investors seeking to reduce risk of a volatile cocoa market. It was the worlds very first cocoa futures market with the trading room being on the first room and mezzanine. In April 1931, the New York Times noted that "the Exchange has grown to be the largest market of its kind in the world, and transactions on its floor usually equal and frequently have exceeded the world's crop of cocoa." Lots of other commodities were exchanged in the buildings neighboring the Beaver Building. Something of note is Hebe, daughter of Zeus and Hera, wine-pouring goddess. She stands atop 18 Beaver Street, which was called by the NY Times a "wine saloon". In 1888 a produce broker, Hugo Mueller, had a bad day of trading and committed suicide in the saloon, Wednesday, May 9, 1888. Day of Mercury again...  The NY Cocoa Exchange would thrive and eventually merge with the New York Coffee & Sugar Exchange to form the Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange in 1979. But I need to back up a second....



Let's go back to the year the NY Cocoa Exchange was founded - 1925. This is the year H.P. Lovecraft was freaking writing The Horror at Red Hook. In August - the same month of my dream. And the story was published in January - which is this month - that I'm putting it all together. You could stand atop the Beaver Building and look across the Hudson River and see Lovecraft's Brooklyn. Lovecraft lived in two different addresses in Brooklyn:  259 Parkside Avenue and 169 Clinton Street. Lovecraft was among the docks that lined the waterfront all the way down to Red Hook, culminating in two self-contained shipping areas — the Atlantic and Erie basins. Back in the 1920s, it was the busiest freight port in the entire world. I had no idea about any of this shit in 2011. You can bet there was a Tuna and Salmon trade going on here along with every other kind of trade one could imagine. Here's a line drawn between the Beaver Building and the residents Lovecraft lived in, just for fun:

Beaver Building at 1 Wall Street, Lovecrafts residences below at 169 Clinton and 259 Parkside.

Beaver Building at 1 Wall Street, Lovecrafts residences below at 169 Clinton and 259 Parkside.

Revisiting my dream today means so much more to me esoterically than it did then. I now recognize the occult themes of the woman in the black dress, splitting into - man and woman, and then transforming into a child. Wow. Interesting to me as well, was that it was a newsboy. The kind that sold NY Times standing outside the Beaver Building. He was bringing me news. What kind of news? Ah, dreams and visions are so difficult to fully grasp. I feel extremely connected to this part of New York. I live in Asheville, a city built by the money of George Vanderbilt. We have a Flatiron building, a Wall Street, even a skyscraper - the Jackson Building which during the Great Depression several men no longer wealthy suicided off the top of. Today we have a target lain into the cement below. I digress... The point is, Asheville was purposefully modeled on NY. There is no other city in the South that looks like us. My magical path has led me many places. Has defined me where I had no definition. If you have been reading CtW you know that I am currently settling my financial woes and have begun a tremendous obsession with the stock market. And so we come to the clincher. What I believe the newsboy within the financial district of downtown Manhattan was bringing me news of. 


I have been seeking stocks that would make my fortune. Getting rich is a mixture of intelligence, wisdom and luck. I prefer to use "magic" instead of "luck". 

The Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange exchange later merged with the New York Board of Trade, in turn acquired by IntercontinentalExchange, which operates its American futures operations as ICE Futures U.S. You may have heard of them. They were in the news 10 days ago, January 18, 2018. The headline was:

ICE to begin offering cryptocurrency data

Read the article here.

If you've been following me on social media, you know that for a month I've been learning everything I can about crypto markets, the stock market, and that I've picked up an extremely successful mentor that has been so integral to me understanding so many things getting started. Let's look at IntercontinentalExchange's stocks over the last decade:


So, if you haven't read that article linked above, let me break it down for you.  About 2 weeks ago I began looking into Blockstream, a leader in blockchain technologies and financial cryptography. If you aren't caught up on that, blockchain tech is what everyone's been losing their minds over.  Read about the company Blockstream here.  What the announcement 10 days ago was about is this:

Between the crypto exchanges there is a lot of volatility. My beloved NY Cocoa Exchange - formed to reduce risk due to volatility in the cocoa market is again forming something new, in their (Intercontinental Exchange as they are called today) exclusive agreement with Blockstream in the extensive coverage of prices and order book data for bitcoin and several other leading cryptocurrencies. Now how valuable did the bringing of stability to the cocoa market prove to be? How much more valuable will the bringing of stability prove to be to the most volatile markets mankind has ever known? - crypto markets! Read the details here

I'm going down on paper today, January 28, 2018. I Aaron DeWeese predict that ICE shares will see tremendous growth in the near future. In 10 years they have seen nothing but steady increase. I am betting that this company is going to bring me wealth. I'm buying as many shares as I can. You do what you want - you'd be crazy to follow my dream logic as financial advice.


By the way, the Beaver Building was converted into an apartment building in 2006.