Headless Rite's Beneficial Sign

In my humble opinion, nobody out there has this right. It is through personal experience with the Headless Rite, or I should say the Headless One, that I have come to my conclusion. In vision I have stood face-to-facelessness with him more than once, and in a solar eclipse, I was shown an astral form of what his face looked like as a man.

I have tried to type this 3 times now, and have failed, because I am trying to bring you along with my experiences to show you how I arrived at my conclusion - it’s not working - is to bizarre for even the most ardent to follow and lend credulity to, so I’ll just give it to you straight.

Octahedronal magnetite, aka “lodestone”.

Octahedronal magnetite, aka “lodestone”.

Magnetite is the mineral with the highest iron content (72.4%). Magnetized magnetite is called the “lodestone”. It has a long history in magic and alchemy, and pieces of lodestone tied to strings were used as the first compasses, aligning themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field. A compass always points to the Earth’s magnetic poles. You should know well the purpose of iron in magic, and it’s importance. It is the very power we wield over daimons. The Headless Rite is asking to be given power over ALL daimons.

As Hermeticists we Unite Opposites. We bring equilibrium first to the elements within our selves, and then, we bring the panacea, the Philosopher’s Stone, to the world. We are healers. This healing property is long known to be part of the nature of the lodestone.

When it comes to magnets, opposites attract. This fact means that the north end of a magnet in a compass is attracted to the south magnetic pole, which lies close to the geographic north pole. Nothing could more greatly represent the Great Work of Unifying Opposites than the lodestone.

The Stele of Jeu is an exorcism - it is made plain enough in the language of the rite. In chapter 13 of the Corpus Hermeticum Hermes tells Tat exactly what it is we are being exorcised from: Restraining daimons which are represented by the stars under which we are born; the Zodiac. For myself, a triple-Capricorn, the constellation of Capricornus. Goat.

This is the the “beneficial sign” given at the end of Betz’s PGM V. 96-172, “Stele of Jeu the hieroglyphist in his letter”:


This is the alchemical symbol for lodestone:


That according to the PGM you face North during the performance of the ritual is for me another indicator of magnetism. In another visionary experience with the Headless One, I stood with him at an altar made of crystal, with 4 crystal points at the 4 corners. I broke one off and used it as a wand, in a magnetic battle of sorts with him. With wands we picked up immense geometric astral objects and launched them back and forth, back and forth between each other across immense distances. The wand’s magnetic power became exhausted and I had to break another point from the altar. This means the crystal wands were containers for a power that I believe is related to the Earth’s magnetic field. Fuck me I’m sounding New Age, eh?!

There is much more I’d like to go into, as well as a practice implementing two lodestones during the performance of the Headless Rite. I may save that for publishing in CtW’s Peacock Goat Review.