Mercury Gate Pt. 2


Short of 5 days exactly one year ago today I wrote The Mercury Gate Part 1. It's a testament to just how seat-of-the-pants a magician I am - following where the Spirit leads, so to say. I ended up not going to Mercury, but instead to Mars and then the Moon. And not two weeks ago I was certain Saturn was next. In fact, I had the dream detailed in Episode 70 in which I believe the old man was a representative of Saturn himself. It didn't click for me until I picked up The Greatness of Saturn by Robert Svoboda. A highly recommended book which will bring greater understanding of the 7 Ancients of Hermeticism. Honestly the old guy with crow on the cover is what made it click for me.

Alright - so this is what convinced me that before I set off for Saturn, I should initiate into Mercury. For one, the old man in my dream was somewhat dismissive, and I was somewhat reluctant. It was like a first meeting of sorts. The dream that came in the following days left me absolutely confused. Damned if it doesn't always take me a number of days if not weeks and months to put the clues together, and with the help of others, in this case Vanessa from a few episodes back. This was the dream:

I was in Biltmore Village, where I grew up. My mother and father were with me. I went inside a shop that was some sort of exchange run by hippies. The shop could hardly be described as such. I remember seeing 2 items that I planned on purchasing. One was a carved staff with a bird head I found on the East side of the room. It was carved so as to in the middle be two spiraling pieces, like DNA or what didn’t strike me in the immediate, a caduceus. I picked the staff up, honestly, not tremendously excited about it. I walked over to a glass case on the North West side of the room. It contained a single item. A golden cartridge - Zelda. It was an N64 cart. I was excited about this. Strangely, rare Nintendo games often play into my dreams, as they did in the Birto experiment - which also had a magical tool I was to fetch. I think the Nintendo carts represent treasure, to use an archaic term for that which is valuable to me.

At any rate, my father was seated on the South side of the room. I was angry with him and we came to blows. That’s happened in a few dreams lately. I honestly am angry with him at not having more financial education than he did in life. He always provided, but never was driven to succeed.

I last remember looking for the restroom in this exchange shop, which was in a small broom closet below the glass case in the North West of the room.

I didn't think twice about this dream really. Other than I was involved with buying stocks during this time, which was in the time the stock market was behaving quite erratically, allowing my mentor to make a ton of money trading in a 24 hour period. I wondered if the golden Zelda cart didn't represent Nintendo stock. Yes - everything relates to stocks in my head now.

A day or two later I was in a specific location. I walked in, and right before my eyes was the staff from my dream. Exactly as I had seen it. I know that I had seen this staff before I dreamt of it. I took a picture of it, and tried to identify the bird on top. I'm a bit slow sometimes. I posted the pic on fb and a kind lady identified it as an Ibis. And that's when things started to make sense. Even the winding part of the carved wood spoke to Thoth / Hermes, wielder of the double wand of power. I knew what to do. 

I freely admit this here. Last night, as the Hour of Mercury came, I "borrowed" the staff and immediately recited the Orphic Hymn to Hermes on the spot. He is the god of thieves after all. Later that night, in the next cycle of the Hour of Mercury I would again recite then Orphic Hymn to Hermes together with the Invocation of Thoth or Liber Israfel in Ep. 71.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 I will use the staff in initiating into the Sphere of Hod. Good thing I'm writing this, because I just realized that's also Valentine's Day. I should do something about that as well.. Anyway, this is the astrological weather for next Wednesday:

Hod Initiation.jpg

Thankfully I'm too stupid in astrology to understand that chart besides that there are some red bars that mean Essential -5 and Accidental -6. What that means, don't know. Also Air and Water chart. Sounds good. I look forward to when I do understand astrology, then coming back and examining these damned charts to see what I was totally oblivious to. 

Last night I also set up a small altar with carnelian, crystal sphere, statue of Hermes, the Ibis staff and a couple other things. I got quite excited because I realize how heavily handed Saturn dealt with me in January, pertaining to getting my financial house in order. As I took on a mentor in the stock market, I now realize I was blending Saturn and Mercury. Mercury is the god of commerce, business, communication, and a bunch of other stuff you can read about here. I realized I don't know shit about Thoth / Hermes and I am about to undergo an intensive education. The main reason I felt this was definitely the Sphere to head to next is because this dream happened at the time I began trying to finalize my upcoming book on Seer. I could definitely use the God of Writing and Magic's help with it. I feel almost as stupid as I did a year ago writing about Mercury. I am looking forward to learning from the spirits of this realm. With this Sphere, I will have initiated into the full lower triad on the Tree of Life. It'd be nice if I could get this damned sinusitis dealt with in this Sphere...