Initiation Into Hod


Tuesday night, in the Hour of Mercury, I began my trek up the mountain with only a 1950s flashlight illuminating my way. On my back I carried a pack containing my magical circle, wand, table of practice, seer stone, Mercury incense, charcoal and other magical paraphernalia. I didn't know exactly where I was going. I had thought about down from the large dying oak with the black hole in it that was the site of my Yesod initiation last September. I had read earlier that night that the tortoise was sacred to Hermes. Just down from the oak, in the fall, probably around October, I had run into a box turtle making his way across my path. I had stopped, stooped down and said hello. I won't lie - I was a bit nervous. Setting out into the wilderness in pitch black is a bit unnerving. Once my eyes had adjusted and my heart rate was up from hiking the incline, I felt a bit more at home on the mountain. I was thinking about that turtle as I was approaching the place I had seen it, when suddenly, something jumped in front of me. In the same place, and going the same direction that the turtle had been months prior. That settled it. The tortoise and the hare, and also the falcon, are sacred to Hermes. I set up the Circle of Art in that spot, after greeting the hare, who was frozen in my flash-light's beam.

This is a shot from last summer of me standing underneath the old oak tree, looking out from it. The mountains now, in February are bare and without green. 


Having set up the site for the conjuration, I hiked back to the house. Setting my alarm I went to bed. 

The next morning, Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 7 AM, I awoke, downed some coffee, put on my magical hat, and set out once again up the mountain. The air was frigid. My hands quickly grew numb. Once I reached the site for the conjuration, it took me a few minutes to light the candle and incense. The Hour of Mercury began at 7:15 AM. I had practically sprinted up the mountain. And here was the ritual site, just before lift off:


Proceeding with preliminary invocations, and such and so forth, I then evoked the Archangel Raphael. At this point it was sunrise, and the world around me had gone from silent to filled with all manner of birds chirping, a woodpecker knocking, a dog barking in the distance. The world had come alive. I asked Raphael to bring forth the intelligence of Mercury, Tiriel. I then asked Tiriel to bring forth the spirit, or demon of Mercury, Taphthartharath. I asked that the rod be consecrated as a Mercurial talisman, and that it would exude the energies of the Sphere. I then asked to be initiated by the spirits, and I addressed a couple of concerns that pertained to the Sphere of Mercury, but mainly I asked to be taught. I followed with the Orphic Hymn to Hermes, and then gave the license to depart.

In the Mars initiation I had an immediate sign of the spirits arrival. In the Venus initiation that sign would come in different ways the following days - and in the most shockingly powerful way imaginable. With the Moon initiation I felt a change of mood at the spirits arrival. Extremely altered. Blissed out. And later, it turned to terror. But here, nothing. At least, nothing yet. Upon my arrival home, the power went out for a bit, which made me go, "hmmm...". 

I had an extremely busy day. I met two people for business transactions - I'm selling some of my stuff. If you are reading this, thanks L*** & R***, hope you enjoy the Ouija and the vintage Radio Shack piece. I had been trying to sell some stuff for a couple weeks with no buyers, and today they came. I set up two more exchanges taking place tomorrow - so four buyers on the day of initiating into the Sphere of Hermes, god of business and commerce. Small beginnings, but a beginning nonetheless. 

I caught wind that in the after hours of the stock market on February 14 $NEPT was to publish their Q3 results. This struck me for two reasons. One, finding a stock to invest in for major profit was what I had spoken to the spirits of Mercury about. I mean, almost nothing could represent the constant movement and influence of Hod better than the stock market. Secondly, the company is called Neptune Technologies & Bioresources Inc. I realize most of you are rolling your eyes. Let me pause here.

The magician sees himself and the world differently. The magician perceives everything that happens in his life as the direct influence of the spirits upon him. He responds accordingly, I won't say in faith, but rather in that knowledge. At this point, after three initiations, I'm too deeply involved to disbelieve my own experiences. I trusted my experiences. My dreams. Kelly's visions. I acted upon them. I changed our lives. I changed where we live. I changed how we live. My will acting in accordance with True Will. Most of all, I have changed myself. The pitiable excuse for the man that was, before the standing before Goat - that man doesn't exist anymore. I am more than I ever could have been on my own, as a crippled being, begging a savior for help that never came. I feel this "moreness" in my bones every single day. Expansiveness. Alien awareness. I merged with something much bigger than myself. If you don't understand what I mean, you are just going to have to experience it for yourself. Magic is waking up. Knowing what cannot be known. Being moved across the board. You are no longer on your own. It's exactly as how Crowley described the AA as having existed through all times and places. 

Any man can look for the entrance, and any man who is within can teach another to seek for it; but only he who is fit can arrive within.
— Crowley, An Account of the AA

I say this to explain perhaps how it is that I became so delusional to do what I have done. A while back I detailed a dream I had of seeing the God Neptune, underwater, a seahorse in his right hand, a sea serpent winding around his left arm. He was blue, horned, and half his face darkened. He was frightening. He reminded me of an underwater Pan. He was enormous. And he stared. The feeling was of immense power, waiting, waiting, waiting. Underwater. The seahorse symbolic of patience. The time would come for the show of immense power. But for now, patience. Determination. Fierceness of spirit. I can still see the dream image as if it happened yesterday.

This alone wasn't enough for me to buy a terrible amount of shares in a company I knew little about. Something about krill oil, cannabinoid oil and Canada. I read, and became more intrigued. You can read about Neptune here. So, I was intrigued by what they do and what they are planning to do. I decided to do a divination.

In my pocket I keep three vintage bakelite dice. The coloring on them is amazing. If the dice were even I would buy shares. If it were odd, I would not buy shares. I rolled and eight. Number of Mercury. Decided then. I bought immediately. 

I come home and I'm thinking about the events of the day. I gave my mom and Kelly a small Valentines day gift. A lot has happened this Wednesday. The fullest day I've had in months. I'm tired. But I'm wondering if I should buy even more of this stock. I mean, this is one of the purposes for initiating into Mercury. I'm wondering if I should put everything into it. Then I remember the rule - don't put everything into anything. So I decide to maybe buy an equal amount of the shares I did earlier. It's dropped 5.12% in the after market - likely due to the press release of the Q3 results, which you can read the transcript of here. I am a brave stupid man.

I decided to do an I Ching reading. Should I buy more or should I not? Well - I pulled Hexagram 14. The name of that hexagram is "Great Wealth", "Great Assets". "Possession in Great Measure". "All things come to the man who is modest and kind in a high position." Needless to say, I have an order of more shares in the queue. 

Business and trade, the exchange and flow of goods, services and money - these are those under the auspices of Mercury, but there is much more as well. Magic. Communication. Forms. The mind. I have called on Thoth / Hermes to aid me in the completion and publication of my book on the Goetic Spirit Seer, who also has very strong ties to Neptune.

It's a magical world. Don't lie to yourself. Magic is about wielding power in the world. If you don't believe that, you belong groveling on your knees in church along with the religious worm slaves in their death cults, hissing accusations at all of life. As the Hermetic sciences proclaim, we are priest-kings. It is our obligation to rule first ourselves, secondly our Spheres, i.e., our immediate Kingdoms. The world is not evil. It simply lacks true kingship. Anyone can be a cynic. Take ownership of your world. Start with yourself. Stop confining yourself to a world of such limited possibility. Stop believing lies. Within you is the Truth.