Believers Be Damned


The world has the illusion of duality in everything. Good, bad. Man, woman. Conservative, Liberal. Religious, Non-religious. Armchair occultist, practicing occultist.

What Hermeticists do is unite opposites.

I could abolish the NRA, or I could join the NRA. It’s like trying to convince a god incarnate to enter a debate ants are having. It simply holds no power over me. I could love Trump or I could hate Trump. I could be Christian and sit in church on Sunday and I can at the same time enjoy Nietzsche and eastern European prostitutes.

What I am should terrify the world. But they are too blind to see what it is that I am. I am the embodiment of dissolution. All Truth is within me. Everything else is a lie. Do what thou wilt. Nothing is true.

My calling as a Hermeticist is to help show people the way to themselves. To know who you are, you have to stop believing in abortion or against abortion. You have to know yourself what is wrong and what is right. Belief is for children. The ethics behind beliefs are nearly always corrupt and hypocritical.

I am Hermes, and I travel between the world of men and of the gods. Your self-limiting perception - your seeing the world through beliefs - prevents you from understanding what I say. But some of you know instinctively, never having swallowed the lie. Initiation is yours, if only you ask for it.