Black Cat Gambling Familiar

You are probably aware of the black cat gambling mojos and products within hoodoo and root work (please don't be fucking boiling black cats alive). Well, this is taking that -  no not that boiling part - and putting a Solomonic spin on it.

Mercury was and is widely known in the distant past and the present as the planet to go to for help with games of chance. So, to Mercury we will go to ask to be granted a familiar spirit to be placed in a black cat figurine. 

After that initial operation this particular spell will burn while you are actually gambling -  I mean specifically you take the black cat figurine out, and burn either a tea light sprinkled with a bit of Mercury incense or oil, or you just burn a bit of Mercury incense as an offering to the black cat. Most of my gambling is done in online poker sites and bitcoin casinos, so this is the perfect desk-top spell. 

To simplify and detail this process, I have a Black Cat Familiar book here and a Black Cat Gambling Familiar spell kit here. If you are a bit experienced, or just DIY as hell, such as myself, you can work it out from the information below. 

You will need:


A Black Cat Figurine 

s-l1600 (1).jpg

Let's camp out here for a while. If you do much Goetic work or have a copy of The Book of Oberon or even The Book of Treasure Spirits you will come across magic done with statuary (...ahem... Birto...). Part of the fun for me is the quest in seeking out the statuary. As I come by black cat figurines while Kelly and I are out antiquing I'll add them to CtW's store. But for now, as of 06.02.2018, there is only the single kitty I have for sell.


Black Cat Hair

Simple enough - most of you, if you don't own, at least know a black cat, right?


Next you are going to need to know how to conjure the spirits of Mercury - Raphael, Taphthartharath and Tiriel. I use a modified Trithemian system - circle, wand, table of practice, planetary day and hours, etcetera.... You don't have to. The Birto experiment uses a white-handled knife, two chalk drawn circles, and a dragon figurine... If you are fucking confused at this point, just buy my spell kit.

When the spirits of Mercury are present, you ask for them to bring forth a familiar spirit of Mercury to be placed in the cat figurine, and that it help you in games of chance - and nothing else - that's the extent of your dealings with the black cat. Either then, or that night, if successful, you should receive its name. As I said, if you get the spell kit from CtW's store, the conjuration is all laid out in extreme detail. If you are new to this, but still don't want to give me your damn money, begin by looking at the steps in spirit conjuration:

Consecratio Dei






Do those things on a Wednesday in the Hour of Mercury and your'e good. As my mentor has said - the spirits love us, and they are here to help us. Some are scarier than others, and totally misunderstood, but they are here just like all other parts of creation - part of one grand scale act of love.

One other thing... You better still keep a fucking rational mind about gambling. You still can't be an idiot. And listen... No... Really come in here close and listen to me! You are not likely to become rich gambling. When you win some money, take that shit and cash out. If you do not win, don't sit there like an idiot and throw more money away. Gambling is taboo because a lot of people through history have really fucked themselves up with it, including Fred Flintstone who simply could not control his betting impulses. Be smart.

Now, get you a cat familiar and some $BTC or $LTC and have some fun. Remember - quit when you win, and don't damn lose all your money.