Goetic Spirit Pots Are Coming

The thirtieth spirit is Forners he is a great and mighty Marquis and appeareth in the form of a great Sea Monster he teacheth and maketh men wonderful knowing in the art of Rhetoric he causeth men to have a good name and to have knowledge and understanding of tongues, he maketh one to be beloved of his foes as well as of his friends and he governeth 29 Legions of spirits partly of the order of Thrones and partly of Angels.
— The Goetia of Dr Rudd

What you are looking at is Forners goetic seal (Dr. Rudd), made by myself, seated atop mugwort picked from our house in Mars Hill and Orris Root (Iris germanica) from outside the barn just out our back door. There is one thing I had to outsource which is Yohimbe, native of Africa. While I await on its arrival I too await the Thistle out back to grow its spines a bit sharper. In the mean time the Orris Root and Mugwort will be drying. 

As soon as this all comes together I will list the pots in the CtW store. Each will come in a very unique spirit pot - which will be listed individually so you can pick what you like best. The availability depends on how many I find while out-and-about in rummages and antique shops around Asheville - which is where these came from - hand picked by me - being brass, gilted porcelain, and African ebony wood:


Let me tell you a bit about Forners... My dealings with him have pertained to my dabbling in the stock market. He is the demon corresponding to the 3rd decan of Capricorn. This is the place of Kings. Agrippa says the image is of a "banker gathering his money together on a table". It is ruled by Mercury - commerce. Austin Coppick actually calls it a "throne of commerce". Fuck yeah stock market. Interested in the accumulation of money? Forners is your spirit.

Forners will draw you closer to seats of power. A word of warning. That will require you to make very difficult choices. Success costs. Goats belong at the top of the mountain, and the top of the mountain is lonely. It's also a long fall down.

The corresponding tarot card for Forners is the 4 of Disks. Sun in Capricorn. Power. The sea monster appearance is a clue he's definitely a sea goat.


The spirit pot will arrive to you with detailed instructions on how to "activate" it and how to maintain it, with suggestions such as altar cloth color, choice of incense, et cetera. If you are interested, keep your eye on the CtW store.