A Lesson in Patience

Patience is the companion of wisdom.
— St. Augustine
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by Kelly

After going to sleep last night, I had an amazing and beautiful dream that lasted, what seemed to be, all night. It started out very colorful and pretty and then got a bit darker, but with purpose. I periodically woke up throughout the night, but every time I would fall back asleep, I would pick up where I left off.

The dream started with me standing at the bottom of a small hill. The hill was grassy, lush with green. It was not too steep or too high. I noticed spots of bright color amongst the grass. When I looked closer, I saw mushrooms that looked like little houses that were all different colors and designs. I thought of the Smurfs and where they live.  The house that stuck out most had a red cap with white dots on top. The image became a bit cartoony once my mind flashed to the Smurfs, but the dream kept realistic as well. There were no moving parts in the dream, no one living inside of the mushrooms that I could see, but the bases of the mushrooms had little doors and windows. In  this village there was only grass in between the little houses, unlike where the Smurfs live with open area in between. It was beautiful and vibrant.

Then things started to change. Aaron appeared, although I could not see his face, I could only see him from his chest down and his hands. His hands were big (like in my dream of the man who picked me in mushroom form). Aaron and I were given the task of spraying muddy water all over the mushrooms. The colors turned from vibrant to brown. The muddy water was thin enough to coat the whole area evenly. The coating was very thin, but not easily removed once dried. We were both sad that the village was dull with no color.

Suddenly, rags appeared in our hands and we had to clean the mushrooms, but not pick them to clean them. I felt the dread of this task because one of my least favorite things to do is clean mushrooms. It's best not to put water on them, but to take a towel or paper towel and wipe them clean. It's a long process and one that I do not adore.

We both kind of puttered around and tried to avoid the job. Then we heard a voice-soft, sweet, gentle and male, say, "This will teach you patience".


I don't know if it was the sound of his voice that was so lovely and reassuring or just the fact that someone was justifying why we had to clean the mushrooms, but it motivated us to work harder. We proceeded to clean the mushrooms until they were all white and "typical" looking. The area was once again lush and the mushrooms were no longer fancy, but beautiful in their natural state.

I did not abruptly wake up from this dream as it came to an end, but awoke softly to Aaron muttering in the bedroom in the way he always does when he talks to me in his sweet voice. I woke up with a smile, a peace.

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Back to reality...

Last night, when Aaron and I went out in the heavy rain to do the lodestone consecration, I walked out a bit miserable. I have been miserable all week about the loss of my job and all of the surrounding uncertainty. I grumbled, whined and moaned all the way to the spot we were to go. As the rain ran down my face, it forced my eyes closed. I struggled to wipe away water and open them, but it was inevitable that they were to close. In that moment, I accepted it and chose to relax and feel the rain. I felt nature all around me and felt Aaron's presence next to me. I was not alone, but safe and comfortable. In my mind, I spoke Sachiel's name and asked for peace. I asked him to settle my heart. Within seconds, I felt a warmth in my chest and a relief from the anxiety I had been feeling. The feeling filled me for only so long, but when the lightning struck and we heard the thunder start to roll, without hesitation, I yelled in my loudest voice, "Sachiel" into the rain. Aaron and I held the lodestone together (my left hand, his right) and raised it to the sky as we called upon this magnificent archangel. After seven times it was over and time to head back to the house. I struggled back down the hill, as I always do, and we went home. I felt joy, which faded a bit, but it was worth that moment with Aaron, in the rain, on that hill. It was one time I will never forget. And then to have the most beautiful, peaceful dream I could ever have truly makes all of this memorable.

Thank you Sachiel, and thank you God, for this experience.

Following the consecration

Following the consecration