Pranayama Prescience


Kelly and I on a whim decided to head to Burnsville via the route we saw the Devil Monkey on. We haven’t really explored that side yet. It is in Yancey county - less travel time for us than our daily drive to Asheville. It’s where Mount Mitchell is located as well. It is the highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains and the highest peak in mainland eastern North America.

We both discovered an entirely new world that Kelly and I instantly fell in love with. Quaint is the word she used. I felt as though I had stepped back into 1985. We will soon share our coming future adventures there.

It wasn’t until just before the sun set and we were just about to head home that I suddenly remembered why I had been having this dejavu about Burnsville. I told Kelly that I had seen these colors in a dream recently. It was that vivid an image recall. The mountains in Burnsville are absolutely stunning. I had seen them from above. And then I remembered - it wasn’t in a dream. I had seen this last Wednesday while in pranayama and asana.

I wrote this in my magical journal:

 ”I pressed my vision forward from behind my eyelids. I saw a path in the mountain that crested the top. It was lit in the beautiful orange hues of a sunset together with a contrasting blue. I saw myself then sweeping over vast amounts of mountainous terrain from high above. The beautiful blue and orange colors dominated the scene - as if colored by a most perfect dusk. And then there was only starry space, as if I had flown out over the edge of the world.”

A couple other things happened in pranayama as well. I noted that my meditation time now requires sufficient journaling.  

I was shocked to remember this vision so clearly that I thought it had been a dream. The scenery of it was before Kelly and mine’s eyes. We both knew that Burnsville to us was a magical place in the Appalachias that we would be spending a lot of time at. Travel journals know of the following attractions, but we know there are many secrets it offers us to unravel:

The Nu-Wray Inn, used as a hotel since its construction in 1833.

The Parkway Playhouse, founded in 1947, as a summer stock theatre, is one of the oldest continually operating theatre companies in North Carolina