Moroccan Shaman Snacks


As you have heard if you are a CtW listener, Kelly and I received instruction from the spirit of a shaman during the Solar initiation. He had small glass vials of "Moroccan spices" that we were to "mix in to choose life". Life is delicious.

The first snack I discovered and that Kelly and I keep coming back to is a curry dip. All you need is this:

Curry Dip

  • Fat Free Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 2-3 Tablespoons Curry Powder (depending on taste)

I mix in enough to make it the color of a brown mustard.


The second snack I just discovered. Grab your favorite healthy chip (seaweed or nori chips being the healthiest imaginable).


Curry Chips

  • Favorite Chips
  • Curry Powder

Get a large containment unit with lid and shake the hell out of them. 


I'm planning to try out popcorn tonight. We use an air-popper. Popcorn without being saturated in the fats of oils or butter is an entirely different experience. Once you get use to it, the normative popcorn of microwaveable bags and movie theaters will seem incredibly heavy and salty. 

Good health!