Dead Planets


Day of Moon

Hour of Jupiter

Moon in Sag

During Middle Pillar I was struck with the notion that the planets are dead - having no known carbon based life forms. As well, 95% of the species Earth has ever been home to are long extinct.

I then imagined in my mind’s eye aeons upon aeons of time sweeping by, seeing each of the dead planets of our solar system as inhabited by fantastically diverse civilizations, yet I was unsure if they had ever had physicality in biological matter. I thought of Terence Mckenna’s and other futurist’s visions of mankind’s technology losing locality and eventually man himself springing forth from flesh. We essentially will move to “the cloud”, become code only. Photons. Light in extension.

What material forms could we then express ourselves by? Those forms within Nature? Why do spirits sometimes manifest as swarms of insects, birds, storms, etcetera...

What if the Great Red Spot, the Eye of Jupiter, a hurricane like storm twice the size of Earth with 270 mile per hour winds - what if this is a manifestation in matter of spirit. The storm’s churnings are the place from which the watery emanations flow forth to fill the Cup of Hod. Civilization stands on the shoulders of civilization which stands on the shoulders of civilization, ad infinitum.

Of all the planets Mars is the most easily observable in the astral for myself, and I believe others. It is an arid desert planet, much as I imagined Herbert’s “Dune” planet. There are temples yet standing, unfathomable of age. Clark Ashton Smith captures the timelessness of Geburah in his poem, “The Peril that Lurks Among the Ruins”:

 "...a phantom among phantoms, sere and purposeless as a blown autumnal leaf, through the windy eternal night of bygone things."

Pachad. Fear. 

 ”It is very easy to regard Geburah solely as a violent, intensely active Sephira, but it achieves its effects also by the slow wearing away of accretions over a great length of time.  This aspect is shown by the symbol of the Chain, but a more accurate example of the process may be found in water, which, dripping on a stone for many years will wear a hole through it, or which will round off a sharp rock into perfect smoothness after long immersion. Thus we have, on this Path, in the one case, stability necessary to reflect the higher worlds without distortion; and in the other case, stability of effort over countless eons of time." -Gareth Knight, in "A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism

I think of John E. Brandenburg Ph.D. and his Martian isotopic traces of what seems to be an thermo nuclear event on the Red Planet. In Hermetic Qabalah the Order of Qliphoth of Geburah are the Golachab, the burners. The magical power is The Vision of Power. The Angels of Geburah are The Fiery Serpents (Seraphim). Samael is the Archangel. 

The introduction of the number Five shows the idea of motion coming to the aid of that of matter...The result is a complete upset of the statically stabilized system. Now appear storm and stress. -The Book of Thoth, p.180

The quality of Geburah is summed up in the general idea of strength and power and force. -Israel Regardie

How wonderful is the knowledge of these things!  The spirits of Mars would seem to me exactly the type of beings that would have brought fire down upon their own planet. And I believe it was in justice. McKenna’s vision come true - a civilization transcending materiality. And now part of their reaponsibility is to aid Earth’s evolution of consciousness. Geburah’s temple’s shadows, to return to Smith’s poem, “they have all the power and all the sopor of despair; they are deep as death and hollow as limbo. The earth has grown abysmal beneath them, and the air is full of unseen precipitate gulfs."

It is my experience that the spirits of Mars are most active in and around vehicular accidents. It’s the easiest and most common access point to the initiatory qualities of violence and fear, and can often lead to our own trial in which we face the Accuser. Note the nature of all 5’s of the tarot:

  • 5 of Disks - Lord of Worry
  • 5 of Swords - Lord of Defeat
  • 5 of Wands - Lord of Strife
  • 5 of Cups - Lord of      Disappointment  

Motion. Changing. Destruction. Disintegration. Far from evil, these are essential to evolutionary processes.