The World Institutionalized


Why do I hate institution? 

At the center of institution is politic. Religious institutions are in fact political institutions—they always have been, but since Martin Luther's fracturing of the authority of the Catholic church this happens on a much more tribal level, or what we call denominational level. It's exactly what would come of a plethora of political parties. Further division of the human race and the propagation of hatred.

Politics are defined as the organized control of human communities. People seeking positions of governance to control the behaviors of other people and to silence people are called politicians. Institution is anathema to the individual. And yet, somehow these self-appointed sociopaths, these few who are powerful enough to seek to exercise their authority over us, successfully proselytize generations of populations who individually and communally could not imagine divorcing their identities from their religion, or their politic, due to fears, insecurities and a feeling of obligation to tradition. 

I like people. I really do. But the ignorance born of their institutionalized rationality enrages me. It is for this reason I do the Work that I do. As I awaken to Self, I am eager to stir others to wakefulness. To bring into union the opposites. To erode the false divisions that small mouth noises and the logic born of them, i.e., "Logos", has wrought upon mankind. The Truth is within each one of us, and is the only thing that can unite us, and it is each one of our duty's to turn away from those making false-claims to authority and to face the Truth. As Dennis McKenna related to us the words of the voice of Ayahuasca, "You monkeys better get control of yourselves". It starts with you facing the Truth about yourself. You are a liar. You cover your nakedness with lies.