Transmissions from Mercury


Thoughts during meditation:

• With each of the spheres of the middle pillar I should envision an image. For Yesod, and the vibration of Shaddai el Chai, an image is to be placed inside of the indigo sphere. For Malkuth and Adonai ha Aretz the image of Shakyamuni Buddha with Serpents, traditionally Mucalinda, for myself in the forms of Agathos Daimon and Isis-Thermoutis. So on and so forth with each sphere of the middle pillar. They however should not be forced or consciously attributed, but allowed to manifest in their own time.

• During dharana I was struck with the image of a man with his right arm bent around a large nail that supported his standing weight. I then thought that within each of the planetary days the daily practice should be uniquely fashioned around those aspects of deity. This seems obvious yet the way in which it is actually carried out should be asked of the spirits of the day in the day’s hour.

For Venus, she has already appeared at my side as the Green Tara, and so her mantra Om Tare Tu Tare Ture So Ha is made obvious.....