Self & Non Self


Zen masters should infuriate everyone equally and could only be amusing to other Zen masters who see linguistic objects as beach balls. They do precisely what it is that the initiate is required to do within themselves: to build Bardon’s magic mirror. To begin conjuring up of the Shadow by way of viewing the paradoxical nature of self and non self as long as one can withstand it. For someone within the boundaries of a supressive worldview from which they draw identity, this could, well, should, result in existential crisis.

In a dream a faceless robed figure and I got into a wand fight, hurling massive astral objects back and forth at each other. These I now recognize as the substance of riddle, paradox and contradiction. They are linguistic objects, geometric strange attractors which are the catalysts for transformation.

Non-self wants us to engage the irrationality of it rationally. Something like Hegel’s thesis / antithesis / synthesis then transpires. The Shadow is a reflection, without which we are incomplete. Engaging the unconscious consciously results in expanded consciousness. But first is the trauma of beholding the Shadow. 

The one who has successfully fused with the shadow has broken the chains of all supressive reactionary stances. One no longer is launching into a defense and offense of meta-narrative, but casually having tremendous fun with a beachball, and it’s fluidity of movement. 

That all made perfect sense in my caffeinated head....