The Birth of a Star

Our Milky Way Galaxy

Our Milky Way Galaxy

On the Artist

Creative people create because it's how they cope with the laws of physics that dictate day to day life. If that turns into economic viability, that's ashame, because it's sure to ruin the art's integrity. On the reverse side of that, obscurity can also ruin the art's integrity. What do I mean?

What is art? Art is the balanced expression of experience and idea that reveals itself in a form, and so then is a lie, in which the truth is reflected. Art is paradox, is a visual koan which reveals inexpressible truth, and so is a subversive force, is revolutionary. Art awakens individuals to the notion of Self, and Self's realization signifies Union, being the dissolution of delusions which divided Self and Not-self. You can't sell the essence of art, it must be experienced. And by the time that is accomplished, you are the artist. This is the function of form. Of language. These can neither be sold nor hidden away. They may be blasphemed, which is to do the former or the latter.

The modalities of meme-makers are irrelevant, but their motives crucial. There is a worse fate than that of fame or obscurity, and that is to be a plagiarist, a mere repeater of other people's ideas and experiences. A fraud. We all start like that, we all fake it, and in time, some of us make it. Not out out there, but internally, we take in enough of other people's ideas to the point in which a nexus is born, or rather a nebula. The ideas swirl round and round, heating the seat of the mind until a flash point is reached and a single spark becomes the igniting of the fires of the mind's own illumination.