Saturnine Gnosis


I am slowly learning by dream knowledge supplemented with conceptual knowledge what inexplicable darkness is. The images within my dreams center around facelessness, goat, dark mirrors, fear. Yet they are all presented as a patient revelation, gently saying, look.

Darkness is where everything you do not wish to acknowledge resides, and grows. Everything that you fear. Everything that you deny about yourself. 

The first Work of every spiritual path is to be aware of this Darkness. To encounter the Black Dragon. Those with fears and anxieties just under the surface of their being easily find the place of Darkness. For others with very strong egos, strong minds, this feat is not easily accomplished and it will take a great wounding to reveal Darkness.

The revealing of Darkness is a terrifying existential crisis. Many weak egos upon facing Darkness are driven into unbalanced pursuit of Light, where it is that Darkness, entirely blotted out of the mind, is free to then outside of the mind, project itself onto the world. The religious Pharisaical and dualistic mind is born of Darkness itself. All that resides outside of the high-walled model of perceived Goodness, is perceived as Darkness. The entire world is cast into Shadow by the religious dualistic mind, itself become demonic. 

The spiritual adept not only face their fears, they seek them out. They sit in Zazen, enshrouded with discomfort, desire and despair. They partake of yogi medicine and sit in the darkness facing the emergence of all of their anxities and fears.

We observe the monstrous forms that emerge from the Astral. We conjure forth the daimons and we give ear to what they tell us. This is Terence DuQuesne’s Shaman Gate. This is entry into the Underworld. All worlds lay beyond this Darkness. We must first pass through the Abyss before gaining acess to the Buddha realms of Light.

We hear and we answer the accusations and cruel paradoxes of  the demons of the sublunary Astral world. We become Guerillmo Del Toro, and we seek out and befriend all monsters. We draw them up from the Darkness. We redeem them, and in doing so, we redeem ourselves by acknowledging the Light and Dark within out own beingness. We stand upon the Middle Pillar, in equilibrium, with fears not vanquished but acknowledged. Sat with.