Dragon King


In dream I was shown a scroll laid out before me. There was a vertical line drawn in heavy black, as is the Asian style. There also was a dragon in the Asian style, at the top of the page.

A voice spoke and said, “Where the dragon touches, is the point of novelty in a human life”.

I realized that I was looking at the drawn representation of an average person’s natal chart. The dragon began to descend, to move down the scroll, parallel with the vertical line - as an animation would. It touched the line representing the natal chart perhaps twice, appearing to “bounce off”.

I was then shown another scroll with another vertical line, representing a natal chart.

The voice spoke again, “Where the dragon touches the nativity of Terence McKenna, this is the cause of his weird”.

The dragon began to move down the scroll again, but this time it did not have the “pulling in and bouncing off” type motion. The dragon instead descended alongside the line, very close, and directly touched it many times.

I was then shown the vision of a figure emerging through a doorway of light. I could not see much detail, other than it was the figure of a man standing, and he wore a horned dragon helm and dragon armor. I sensed a power that was so incredibly great, none could deny it. It radiated from the figure. I felt as though I was looking at the anthropomorphic form of the dragon. The man, the linear line, and the descending dragon had fully merged.